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Azure development and consulting services for your success

Discover the real power of modern technologies and utilize the benefits of DevOps implementation with our Microsoft Azure development and consulting services. Design sophisticated architecture, build a complex and powerful application, or hire experts with unique skills to boost your team's development capacity, with UKAD you always get top-notch services from the Microsoft Partner!

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Gold Microsoft Partner with 18 years on the market

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Azure development services

  • 01
    Certified Azure developers staffing

    Upscale your development squad with a certified Azure software engineer from UKAD to access powerful services, cloud technologies, and automation. Otherwise, build a team of web and mobile developers, experienced in Azure-based projects, and scale it as necessary, depending on the current stage of delivery.

  • 02
    Azure Cloud consulting

    Offering Azure consulting services, we help our clients understand how their business can benefit from leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Our goal, in this case, is to provide a vision of digital transformation with Azure Cloud, build a strategy, and guide the client's team to perfection.

  • 03
    Azure application development

    Providing software development services, we often utilize Azure as a robust platform with almost unlimited possibilities. Building web, mobile, and enterprise applications, the UKAD team uses it to provide a foundation for growth, flexible scaling, and implementation of progressive and complex features, such as AI or Machine Vision.

  • 04
    Azure data services

    We build and maintain Azure solutions that enable the building of sophisticated data-driven systems for any business and purpose, such as complex e-commerce platforms or cutting-edge powered startups.

  • 05
    Azure DevOps consulting services

    Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive toolset for the implementation of DevOps practices that gives unique benefits. We help customers employ continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, vast automation, and constant monitoring of their software solutions under the supervision of skilled DevOps experts.

  • 06
    Azure hybrid cloud solutions

    We design and implement infrastructure solutions that integrate cloud and premises to achieve flexibility and scalability combined with data safety and compliance. As well, such an approach allows the integration of legacy applications into modern systems.

  • 07
    Azure AI and machine learning

    Build your unique software solutions with UKAD, allocating state-of-art features and utilizing the most modern technologies! We integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence into applications, leveraging Azure services, to provide your users with outstanding experience.

  • 08
    Migration and update

    Migrate your software to Azure and get access to unlimited opportunities! Improve performance, increase availability, implement sophisticated automation solutions with UKAD, and protect your current operations because we conduct migration step-by-step with detailed planning, testing, and careful protection of your data.

  • 09
    Infrastructure support and maintenance

    After release, every solution requires the timely care of professionals to stay secure and effective. We provide constant monitoring, urgent troubleshooting, and timely updates of your Azure-based infrastructure to keep it beneficial for years.

3 reasons to hire UKAD

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    50+ Azure developers onboard 

    We are capable of fulfilling your most sophisticated needs! Regardless of whether you need a DevOps expert with niche expertise or a whole development team to build a huge project in Azure, UKAD provides a possibility to cherry pick people with the exact tech skills and perfect cultural fit

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    Technical excellence

    With 18 years on the market, we have deep expertise in design, development, and migration of systems to Microsoft Azure. The UKAD team knows how to implement cutting-edge solutions and build products, and adds value to your project!

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    Flexible engagement

    Flexibility is our superpower! We stay in productive partnerships for years through swift adaptation to the Client’s needs. You can start from a single developer and grow to the full-pledged development team, and downscale after the hottest phase. With UKAD, your business stays agile and efficient

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Azure ecosystem

  • Azure DevOps

     for CI/CD, integrations, automation, project management.

  • Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure Active Directory)

    for identity and applications management.

  • Azure Blob Storage/Azure Storage Account

    for effectively storing big amounts of data.

  • Azure App Service, Azure Static App, Azure Kubernetes Service

    for effective way of hosting computational services.

  • Azure Virtual Machines

    for accessible lift-and-shift solution for moving from on-premise to cloud operations.

  • Azure SQL, Azure Cosmos DB

    and other relational and non-relational DB services.

  • Azure CDN, Azure API Management, Azure Web Application Firewall

    for Access governance

  • Azure Backup, Zone and Geo

    redundancy for contingency

  • Application Insights, Log Analytics

    for monitoring and analytics

Tailored Azure solutions

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • Azure digital transformation
  • Add certified Azure developers and DevOps experts to your team and get unique expertise and significant acceleration of performance. We supply talents with the exact expertise, onboard them, and help with seamless integration into your workflow.

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    • Join exploration call | UKAD
      Step 1

      Join exploration call

      Tell us about your development team and discuss the required expertise, your goals, and targets to let us find the best experts for you

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      Step 2

      Design the team structure

      Select the most suitable developers from UKAD's talent pool, conduct technical interviews, validate culture fit, and finalize the agreements

    • Check Icon
      Step 3

      Kickstart the delivery!

      Set tasks and evaluate results, when we are helping with onboarding, establishing communication inside the team, track progress, and continuously monitor the delivery

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  • Let UKAD compose a team capable of providing full-scale solutions for you! Bring together front- and backend developers, UI/UX designers, testers, and DevOps engineers to make the most of Microsoft Azure on your projects.

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    • Phone Icon
      Step 1

      Join a discovery call

      Tell us more about your business on a discovery call. We’ll discuss your vision, timescale, and required expertises

    • Users Icon
      Step 2

      Setup the team you need!

      Select the most suitable developers from UKAD's talent pool, conduct technical interviews, validate culture fit, and finalize the agreements

    • Check Icon
      Step 3

      Get started!

      We help you with onboarding and integration with your business processes, when you’re setting first tasks for your dedicated team

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  • Utilize the power of Microsoft Azure for application development and move your business online with cutting-edge technologies and opportunities. Share your business vision, and let us build a development team to build a great solution in three steps:

    Azure illustration
    • Phone Icon
      Step 1

      Join a discovery call

      Tell us more about your business on a discovery call. We’ll discuss team structure, success criteria, timescale, and required expertises

    • Users Icon
      Step 2

      Create the roadmap

      Build a team from UKAD's talent pool, meet your dedicated Project Manager, validate culture fit, and finalize the agreements

    • Check Icon
      Step 3

      Start the journey!

      We build and onboard your development team. Get ready for the first demo meeting!

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  • What type of support do you offer during Azure deployments and post-deployment?

    We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire Azure lifecycle, including initial planning, deployment, configuration, testing, training, ongoing monitoring, troubleshooting, and continuous optimization to ensure the success of your Azure projects.

  • What is your approach to cost management for Azure projects?

    We adopt a proactive approach to cost management, leveraging Azure's cost optimization tools, monitoring usage and spending, implementing budget controls, and providing recommendations for optimizing costs without compromising performance.

  • Is it secure to host my data in Microsoft Azure?

    Microsoft pays lots of attention to security, constantly upgrading, testing, and challenging Azure's infrastructure, and officially broadcasts information about this process. Also, Azure successfully passed many third-party audits and obtained numerous certificates, which proves the highest level of security and reliability.

  • What industries do you specialize in for Azure development?

    We have experience serving clients across various industries: including healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, technology, and more. Our expertise allows us to tailor Azure solutions to meet the unique requirements of each industry.

  • Can you integrate Azure solutions with our existing systems and applications?

    We have vast experience in the integration of existing systems and applications with Azure. Our expertise allows us to integrate new tools into your existing workflows with minimal interruption of current operations with maximum interoperability and efficiency.

  • Is it possible to host non-Microsoft solutions in Azure?

    Yes, it's possible to host applications developed with other languages and frameworks, than Microsoft's stack, because Azure provides numerous options and tools suitable for different cases and technologies. It means you can host your Python, Node.JS, or PHP-based solutions, for example, in Microsoft Azure with no limitations and take all the benefits.

  • How do you ensure high availability and disaster recovery for Azure applications?

    We design our Azure solutions to guarantee stable performance, security, and protection from any events. Microsoft provides several layers of protection with both logic and hardware measures, so we can design an infrastructure with enough redundancy to withstand almost everything, up to the alien invasion.

    Depending on your needs, we can utilize either out-of-the-box opportunities provided by Azure, that are enough for almost all projects, or build a more sophisticated architecture achieving 99,99 and more uptime. Azure Availability Set is one example used to create numerous virtual machines sets (VM) to guarantee around 22 minutes of downtime per month or less. Availability Zones provide even more redundancy spreading the workload between several physical facilities with independent power supply, technical maintenance, cooling, and so on. This means that even if a data center is physically destroyed (by fire, for example), your applications keep working like nothing happened.

    Leveraging Azure Site Recovery and backup vaults, the UKAD team provides tools to move things back, if anything really harsh happens, and get back to normal work as fast as possible.

    If you're looking for more details about our approach to disaster recovery and high availability, book a meeting with our Azure guru!

  • How do you ensure scalability and performance in Azure?

    Azure provides a range of services for scaling and performance optimization, both automated and manual. While Azure App Service has already become a vital part of our development routines, we also utilize the following tools:

    • Virtual Machine Scale Set (VMSS), is a solution that automatically scales the number of virtual machines to smoothly deal with changing amounts of requests. As traffic grows, VMSS increases the number of VMs to improve performance and downscales during quieter periods to cut costs.

    • Kubernetes, which does nearly the same but with Docker containers, scales and manages them automatically according to the current loads.

    • Flexible combination of horizontal and vertical scaling, so we can find the best option to provide more resources, either adding more compute power or switching to a more powerful data center.

    • Application Insights in Azure Monitor provides our DevOps team with excessive information for enhancing the performance, reliability, and quality of applications. We constantly monitor the performance to find bottlenecks and urgently fix them.

  • Who is an Azure developer?

    To become an Azure developer, you should know the best ways to use cloud-related technologies, for example, the utilization of Azure Functions for mitigation of fast-growing and unpredictable workloads. So that means higher qualifications and knowledge of advanced development techniques.

  • How does Azure differ from AWS and Google Cloud?

    In fact, all primary cloud providers share the principal functionality and have minor advantages or disadvantages. Among them, Azure is prominent for being the best option to host software built with Microsoft tech stack, eg. MS SQL and .NET. If you prefer other technologies or cloud platforms, we also offer AWS and Google Cloud development services and can help you choose the best option for your unique needs.