The UKAD's vision of software development includes a deep understanding of the impact on our future. That's why we implemented the best practices of Green Software Development.

How to Make Your Software Greener

Our approach includes not only practical moves, like reducing the usage of paper, water, and electricity, but also a special methodology of software design and development.

Ic Business

Value Every Feature

UKAD avoids excessive code and unnecessary features, thus reducing computational overhead and resource consumption. We also optimise algorithms and data structures to minimize energy usage

Ic Cloud

Utilize Cloud Technologies

Cloud Technologies allow allocating computing facilities in areas with greener energy achieving greater reduction of the solutions' carbon footprint

Ic Quality

Eco-friendly Providers

In UKAD, we widely utilize Microsoft .NET and Azure technologies stack because Microsoft is well-known for its sustainability policy and goal to become a carbon-negative company by 2030

Ic People Management

Remote Work Approach

From the very first days, the UKAD team has had the option of remote work and now around 90% of our developers work from home reducing the company's carbon footprint.

Ic Coshoring

Work With UKAD

UKAD's Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing services are provided in strict accordance with a sustainable software development approach, so that your solutions may become greener and have a better impact on our planet!

Ic Idea

It's easy to make your software sustainable, and it is an invaluable contribution to our common future!