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Industry — Business Development
Location — Sweden
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In UKAD, we're obsessed with working effectively. So, this project was even more interesting for us because working with like-minded people is always a good opportunity.

We got a request from a team that operates a truly unique SaaS product: a platform that provides valuable insights for growth and development of businesses using the data. In the past, they already had a SaaS platform with more or less similar functionality, but it was outdated and required new features to stay on board.

Goalenvision Background


So, we have an outdated SaaS platform that requires a fresh look to become powerful and demanded again. As well, it should work correctly to keep retaining users for years providing really useful insights. It looks like a challenge, doesn't it?

In UKAD, we adhere to an approach in that everything starts from the business analysis, and it's not just a formal step but a vital part of our functioning. While for this project, it was even more important. The UKAD team went through many hours of brainstorming and analyzing to create a solution making us proud. 

Finally, we have formulated a large set of features to bring all the goals to life. The platform has to:

  • operate with entities such as a company or a division to clearly understand levels of access and operations
  • provide multi-tier access
  • set up, define, and analyze goals
  • set up, define, and analyze targets
  • evaluate companies' performance
  • predict growth, detect opportunities and threats
  • display all the data in a clear and user-friendly way.


Having this scope, we started the development. Bringing the idea of a tool that really helps develop business requires something more than just a dashboard with metrics. So, we decided to build an AI-based solution to make it capable of analyzing needs, predicting growth, and proposing directions of work.

The GoalEnvision AI provides owners and chairmen with the next features:

  • creation of goals for the company
  • definition of metrics required to reach a goal
  • definition of conditions that evaluate the growth of the company.

As well, GoalEnvision proposes the directions of development which give the best outcomes for the lowest time-and-effort requirements. In other words, it works as a perfect unbiased business consultant giving only clear and measurable advice.

With a reliable AI solution, the UKAD team started delivering more features. First of all, we've created an 'Organization' entity that can be any company or division, or so. The platform — roughly speaking — works around it. An organization has a branched employee structure with different roles and access levels, which allows for defining managers and key roles, building the most effective reporting approach, and so forth. 

For measuring success, the platform uses an entity called Goal. The users create Goals within the designed flow, where define conditions of progress, responsible persons, and followups frequency. Evaluating Goals is facilitated through regular reports and reviews conducted by accountable roles, such as sales or department managers. A similar process used to assess Growth Targets — another parameter of the organization's development.

The platform allows testing the organization to find opportunities for improvement in various areas. It works as a survey created by the user with permissions of defined auditories, and provides scores in four dimensions:

  • Overall — set the goal of improvement of the whole area
  • Structure — improvements in processes, routines, and structures of the area
  • Ability — improvements of skills and expertise
  • Energy — improvements in engagement and motivation.

This module allows users to understand how things go on in the organization and use this data to set goals and plan further development.

The platform provides comprehensive charts displaying the current situation. It takes only a few seconds to get all the necessary information about the current situation with goals, performance, routines, and people in the team. And we think it's awesome because users can monitor their organizations without digging into reports and complicated dashboards.

To improve usability, we implemented AI-generated templates for Goals, Metrics, Surveys, Conditions, and measurements for conditions capable of fitting any requirements. They utilize a unique approach that allows creating insightful goals in a few clicks without any special skills.

And on top of all these features, we made a leadership blog in which one of the founders describes the functionality and talks about the importance of goals for the business. 


Create an Organization
Goalenvision 1
Goalenvision Structure
Testing Organization
Goalenvision Charts Test


Goal Page
Goalenvision Goal 2
Setting Up Goals
Goalenvision Goal 3
AI-based Goal Creation
Goalenvision Goal

Target Chart

Goal Target

Success Index

Goalenvision Index
Ic Quote

"I was impressed with UKAD's in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies."

Strategy Specialist, Consulting Company Stockholm, Sweden


It took quite a long time to develop the Umbraco platform that makes the UKAD team proud and happy. Both UKAD and the Customer who initiated the project are satisfied with the results, so we decided to keep our collaboration!

Today, GoalEnvision is already released and goes through the stage of promotion to gain more users. And we also use it for UKAD's growth.

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