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Business Analysis and Proof of Concept development services

Identification of challenges and solutions is vital for success! With our Business Analysis and Proof of Concept development services, you get a better understanding of your needs, explore innovations, and test ideas before the full-scale implementation

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Our professional services

  • 01
    Comprehensive Business Analysis

    Our experts process the available documents and collaborate closely with your team to gain a deep understanding of your project's goals and challenges. During this phase, we conduct stakeholder interviews, gather requirements, visualize and analyze workflows, identify bottlenecks, design solutions, and create prototypes in Miro. As a result, you receive a comprehensive analysis that serves as a solid foundation for an accurate project estimation, along with prototypes that guide further design research and development.

  • 02
    Proof of Concept development

    A Proof of Concept (POC) is an essential component of any large-scale project, allowing you to test ideas and validate assumptions before full-scale development begins. It facilitates the testing of risky features and modules to ensure their feasibility and value for the application, enabling their rejection if necessary without disrupting the development flow. Additionally, a POC aids in project estimation by highlighting and describing risks identified during the Business Analysis phase. It also serves as a foundation for subsequent MVP development and provides a working prototype for investors, positively impacting the financial aspect of the project.

  • 03
    UI/UX design & prototyping

    Test and polish your user interface drafts to perfection with UKAD by sketching, wireframing, creating prototypes, and constant user testing to create intuitive and attractive UI/UX designs for applications. We conduct competitor and user research, find the best visual solutions, and implement them using tools like Miro and Figma.

  • 04
    MVP development

    MVP, or minimum viable product, is the earliest version of an app suitable for serving the target audience. It is an important step that helps to discover the market prospects, gather feedback from so-called early adopters, and develop the product employing experience from real users.

  • 05
    BA Staffing

    There are many cases when allocating a part-time or full-time business analyst will be useful for your team. Anyway, you can rely on UKAD for flexible and swift staffing services and get the expected results!

3 reasons to hire UKAD

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    Seasoned business analysts onboard

    We are capable of fulfilling your most sophisticated needs! Regardless of whether you need an urgent consultation or a long-term arrangement of a skilled business analyst, UKAD provides the possibility to hire people with the exact experience and perfect cultural fit.

  • Users

    Diverse range of talent

    During business analysis and POC development, we involve a wide range of experts, including but not limited to developers, QA and DevOps engineers, and UI/UX designers. It means you get the results based on multilateral expertise.

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    Flexible engagement

    Flexibility is our superpower! We stay in productive partnerships for years through swift adaptation to the Client’s needs. With the possibility of ad-hoc hiring, you can arrange a business analyst exactly when it's crucial for your processes, and optimize the costs of the project. With UKAD, your business stays agile and efficient!

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Tailored services

  • Business analyst staff augmentation
  • Business analysis and prototyping
  • Minimum Viable Product Development
  • Add certified Business Analysis experts to your team to get unique expertise and create products smarter. We supply talents with the exact expertise, onboard them, and help with seamless integration into your workflow.

    Only three steps taken to initiate a staff augmentation project:

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      Step 1

      Join exploration call

      Tell us about your development team and discuss the required expertise, your goals, and targets to let us find the best experts for you

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      Step 2

      Design the team structure

      Select the most suitable engineers from UKAD's talent pool, conduct technical interviews, validate culture fit, and finalize the agreements

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      Step 3

      Kickstart the Delivery!

      Set tasks and evaluate results, when we are helping with onboarding, establishing communication inside the team, track progress, and continuously monitor the delivery.

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  • Build your applications on a solid foundation with UKAD! We offer comprehensive business analytics and thoroughly crafted prototypes to help you develop effective, appealing, and valuable solutions. Our flexible terms allow for both long- and short-term allocation of experts, ensuring your project's success

    Business Analysis & Prototyping Tab
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      Step 1

      Join exploration call

      Tell us more about your business on a discovery call. We’ll discuss your vision, timescale, and required expertises.

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      Step 2

      Setup the team you need!

      Select the most suitable developers from UKAD's talent pool, conduct technical interviews, validate culture fit, and finalize the agreements

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      Step 3

      Get started!

      We help you with onboarding and integration with your business processes, when you’re setting first tasks for your dedicated team.

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  • Accelerate your fundraising and test your ideas with a real audience! Our MVP development service focuses on efficiently implementing essential features, allowing you to quickly gather valuable feedback and establish a solid foundation for further development.

    Minimum Viable Product Development Tab1
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      Step 1

      Join exploration call

      Tell us more about your business on a discovery call. We’ll discuss team structure, success criteria, timescale, and required expertises.

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      Step 2

      Create the roadmap

      Build a team from UKAD's talent pool, meet your dedicated Project Manager, validate culture fit, and finalize the agreements.

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      Step 3

      Start the journey!

      We build and onboard your development team. Get ready for the first demo meeting!

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MVP development best practices

  • 01

    Define objectives and goals

    Before starting your research, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and how you plan to do it. Identify your success criteria, key features, and the best ways to connect with your audience.

  • 02

    Identify your target audience

    A clear understanding of your future user identities makes the analysis more correct and helps build an effective MVP. Define user personas, conduct competitor analysis, and try to find as many criteria as possible.

  • 03

    Prioritize core features

    Focus on including only essential functionality in your MVP, polished to perfection. While it's tempting to add more features, doing so can lead to unnecessary complexity and cost. Launching with just the vital features ensures a more cost-effective approach and allows you to concentrate on performance, providing a high-quality user experience.

  • 04

    Focus on user experience

    Prioritize ease of use and responsive design to make a positive first impression. By concentrating on user-centric design and gathering feedback from real users, you can refine and enhance the interface, ensuring it meets the needs and expectations of your target audience.

  • 05

    Develop with scalability in mind

    Make your architecture robust and scalable from the start! Implementation of DevOps practices, such as CI/CD, is necessary if you're planning to grow an MVP into a powerful market-leading product.

  • 06

    Be agile

    To build a successful product, you must be swift and flexible, timely and adequately respond to user feedback, and implement the required features as soon as possible, which is nearly impossible without quality planning and agile development.


  • Why should I partner with UKAD to build my MVP?

    Partnering with an experienced software development firm, like us, brings several crucial benefits. First of all, we've already developed over 500 projects that commonly started from an MVP, so we can share valuable expertise and add unexpected value to your product based on our experience. Then, we have established processes and routines, so bring your ideas to life quickly and effectively. And what's more important, as a full-cycle software development company, we can handle all the processes letting you focus on business goals.

  • What is the difference between a POC and a prototype?

    A proof of concept validates the feasibility of the product idea, while a prototype is a working model that demonstrates user interfaces and functionality of the product.

  • How does a POC benefit my business?

    A POC is developed to validate ideas and gather the stakeholders’ feedback. It's very important for mitigating risks at the earlier stages of the project lifecycle, updating the development roadmap, and polishing UI and UX designs.

  • What industries do you have experience in?

    We successfully collaborated with businesses from various industries, including but not limited to ecommerce, FinTech, education, manufacturing, and even charity.

  • How long does a Business Analysis project typically take?

    Commonly the business analysis takes 2-3 weeks, but the actual duration depends on many factors, such as the scope of the project and expected complexity.

  • What steps are involved in your Business Analysis process?

    Our Business Analysis process typically includes requirements gathering, process mapping, stakeholder interviews, and solution design.

  • What technologies do you use for POC development?

    We leverage a range of technologies that allows finding an optimal stack for any project. It includes Microsoft .NET, Node.js, and Python for back-end, React and other front-end frameworks, traditional and headless content management systems, Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform for cloud solutions, and many more.

  • Can you help us with the full implementation of the solution after the POC?

    For sure, we will gladly expand your POC into a full-pledged solution. As mentioned before, most of our long-term projects started from smaller services, like an MVP or POC development, and grew into years of productive collaboration.

  • How do you handle sensitive business data during analysis?

    We adhere to strict data privacy and security protocols to ensure that your sensitive business information is protected throughout the project.

  • How do you prioritize requirements during the Business Analysis phase?

    To prioritize requirements effectively, we employ a comprehensive approach that includes a combination of stakeholder input, business impact assessments, and feasibility studies. By integrating these three elements, we ensure a balanced and informed approach to prioritizing requirements.

  • How do you ensure stakeholder alignment throughout the project?

    We maintain regular communication, conduct review sessions, and use collaboration tools to ensure all stakeholders are aligned and informed throughout the project lifecycle.