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Every great idea requires great implementation! Offering custom software development services, we provide a complete team of experts capable of delivering end-to-end solutions: from design to infrastructure

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What is Software
Development Outsourcing?

Software development outsourcing is a service of creating custom web or mobile applications on the Client's demand. We build a team of designers, testers, and back- and front-end developers, headed by a professional project manager to guide the delivery on every stage. So that development process remains transparent and effective. 

Offering end-to-end software development, the UKAD team focuses on adding value through sharing unique niche experiences and tech expertise. Together we create amazing products.

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Key advantages of product development services

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    Market insights

    As a custom software development company, we provide our Clients with valuable information based on our previous experience, contributing to decision-making and business planning

  • Code

    Tech expertise

    With a team of certified developers, UI/UX, and Business Analysis experts, headed by a skilled Project Manager, you receive a perfect solution

  • Clock

    Timely delivery

    Working under Agile methodology, your software development team has predictable and well-planned performance, thus expediting your product's time-to-market

  • Message

    Product mindset

    We embody a product thinking beyond just coding. Our goal is to fulfill and even predict the Client's goals, and provide a sustainable and innovative solution with meaningful value

  • Trending Down

    Risk mitigation

    Minimize development risks with experienced teams that can anticipate challenges and implement effective risk management strategies

  • Dollar

    Cost efficiency

    We offer better overall project cost compared to building an in-house development team

Companies trusted outsourced IT development to UKAD

Since 2005, our dedicated software developers have been working with famous brands with 5-starred results!
  • "The product has been a resounding success. UKAD’s openness complemented their collaborative and professional management style. Their dedication and responsiveness to the project were also noteworthy. Expect a team that provides quality work and is willing to take on any challenge."

    Alex Lehmberg
    ContentTap, Denmark
  • "The team at UKAD has widespread in-house expertise. Their ability to scale and adapt to changing projects makes them stand out. They will work weekends to ensure deadlines are met, and consistently go the extra mile."

    Dr. Phil Agulnik
    entitledto, United Kingdom
  • "Prompt and helpful in software development projects. High skills in .Net and web development. Very professional."

    Johan Sävenstrand
    Ginza music shop, Sweden
  • "UKAD has shown flexibility, rapidness, professionality and they are available when needed!"

    Martin Westin
    Birdie AB, Sweden
  • "We've been working for five years and we never missed the deadline. I want to keep these guys forever working with me."

    Mårten Angner
    Whiteport AB, Sweden
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Custom Software Product: idea, team, delivery!

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    Step 1

    Join a discovery call

    Tell us more about your business on a discovery call. We’ll discuss team structure, success criteria, timescale, and required expertises

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    Step 2

    Create the roadmap

    Build a team from UKAD's talent pool, meet your dedicated Project Manager, validate culture fit, and finalize the agreements

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    Step 3

    Start the journey!

    We build and onboard your development team. Get ready for the first demo meeting!

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Outsourcing Software Development FAQ

  • Why should we consider outsourcing our software development?
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    Outsourcing software development allows you to tap into a global talent pool, reduce costs, and accelerate project timelines. As well, it allows companies without software development departments and startups to use all the benefits of modern technologies immediately.

  • How do you ensure the quality of the software developed through outsourcing?
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    We follow rigorous Quality Assurance processes, including code reviews, testing in different conditions, including extreme loads, and continuous improvement. Our solutions pass through multiple stages of testing before the release and go to market with proven reliability.

  • How do you handle time zone differences when working with an offshore development team?
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    We utilize project management tools and maintain clear documentation to keep the development process transparent and well-tracked. In addition, regular meetings with the development team are established in overlapping work hours to demonstrate the results and discuss the current situation in real time.

  • What happens if there are issues or delays in the project timeline?
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    Commonly, rigorous adherence to the best development and project management practices prevents all significant delays. In case when our team sees any potential issue, we work collaboratively to find a solution and constantly communicate with the Client to ensure effective, transparent, and timely delivery.

  • How do you handle intellectual property rights when outsourcing software development?
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    The Client retains full ownership of the developed software according to the signed contract. As a software development vendor, we commit to non-disclosure and confidentiality through technical measures, such as secured connections and protected access, and do not claim ownership of the developed applications.

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