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My Azure Services Top List

My Azure Services Top List

When NET developers get acquainted with Azure their primary question is: What services from the Azure Universe are the most useful?

Here I described the Azure services I use for UKAD projects.

App Service

The App Service is used for a web application hosting. outwith .NET, it supports NodeJS, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby. The service contains tools for easy deployments, scaling, diagnostic and monitoring.

Azure Active Directory (AD)

Azure AD helps to authenticate a user, controls access to applications and resources, supports single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authorization.

Single Sign On

Cosmos DB

Cosmos DB is NoSQL database with global distribution and horizontal scale possibilities. But it supports such APIs as MongoDB, Cassandra, Gremlin and SQL out of the box.

My Azure Services 2

Azure Storage Block Blobs

This service is scalable storage for unstructured data. Storage Block Blobs

supports out of box replications for different regions.

Azure SQL Database

Microsoft SQL engine in cloud-based. SQL Database supports intelligent database management.  

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

ALS is handy to simplify Kubernetes management, deployment and operations.

Logic Apps

Low Сode approach used in Logic Apps helps automate business processes.


Use this cryptographic storage for secure storing your passwords for resources.

Content Delivery Network

Reduce load time for media like images, .js and .css files from different countries and continents.

Virtual Machine

Create Windows or Linux Virtual machine. It is one of the oldest Azure services but it is still quite handy.

My Azure Services 3

Azure functions

A serverless platform which supports a variety of languages.

Application Insight

Analytic and monitoring tool for applications.

My Azure Services 4

Aexander Razvalinov

  Author: Alexander Razvalinov


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