What included in UKAD Client Care

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    Client Care

    Providing web development services for over 15 years, we spotted several recurring issues, which our Customers face from time to time after the release and deployment of the projects. Under UKAD Client Care we monitor the following parameters:

    • Uptime
    • Resources
    • SSL certificate validity
    • domain validity
    • Sitemap.xml presence
    • Robots.txt validity
    • web pages quality
    • Spam bases and blacklist presence

    Under UKAD Client Care, we monitor all these parameters 24/7 with constant or recurrent checks according to the specifics of each metric. Thus, our DevOps have the most current stance and can solve issues as they emerge.

Ic Sustainable Growth

With UKAD Client Care, we create the necessary conditions for sustainable growth. We monitor the most valuable parameters for good ranking in SERP, which means better visibility and lesser inhouse spend on Search Engine Optimisation, and for the great experience of our customers

How does it work

Ic Url Base 2


After release, we place all the developed websites in the UKAD client care monitoring base for free. We also provide extra services, which requires a conclusion of the additional agreement.

Ic Performance Monitoring


We utilize self-developed and open-source tools to collect and process data due to the inspection schedule. This toolset allows us to keep high levels of both quality and security.

Ic Slack Notification


If any issues are spotted, the system automatically notifies responsible persons with a dedicated Slack channel, that's why we can fix it or find a solution for improvement in the shortest possible terms.

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Our DevOps services allow building and maintaining a robust infrastructure of the project to ensure its success. We use proven technologies and solutions to provide top-grade levels of sustainability and safety


Quality Assurance

Testing is a vital part of the software development lifecycle that guarantees the quality and business value of solutions. We use both manual and automated Quality Assurance to create bug-free software without extra spends

Tech Support


With our Support services, you get a guarantee that your business is powered with a strong technical side handled by skilled and reliable experts. With timely maintenance by UKAD you can 100% focus on the business aspects of your project!

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