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The demand for online services is rapidly growing

Let UKAD help you to move your business online and ride the wave of digitalized post-COVID economics in the next areas

  • Ic Elearning


    We help people to study online for many years creating e-Learning and microlearning platforms and applications

  • Ic Enterprise 1

    Enterprise e-Commerce

    Robust stocking, logistic and fulfillment solutions by UKAD will help you work with your customers regardless of any disease outbreaks

  • Ic B2c

    B2C e-Commerce

    It's a unique opportunity: online shopping is booming! Let's scale your shop online and increase sales with UKAD developers

  • Ic Social Service

    Social Services

    Everything goes remote and this area is no exception. Help people get assistance in a few clicks without leaving home

  • Ic Medical

    Medical Software

    These days people in the Healthcare industry work really hard and we will be glad to help you save lives with our services

  • Ic Support

    Existing Solutions Update and Support

    Is your e-business not robust enough to process the increasing number of customers? Ask UKAD to solve it!

Ic Idea

We have well-established development teams whose delivery isn't affected by the coronavirus, as well as any other crisis factors. With UKAD you will always get what you've expected!

Our Customers' Success Stories

For over 15 years we successfully develop, implement and support robust e-business solutions


Moblrn — all-in-one e-Learning application

Moblrn was launched in 2016 for education using smartphones with microlearning. The application regularly provides users with bite-sized content for on-boarding-programs, product information, sales- and management training, and more

AJ Produkter

AJ Produkter — Enterprise e-Commerce

AJ Produkter is a leading mail-order company for office furniture, materials handling, and storage solutions. One of the points in this project is the easy management of versions for 19 European countries.


Ginza — B2C e-Commerce

Ginza is the oldest and most famous online music shop in Sweden offering over 300 thousand records, devices, and other goods. For over 7 years, we support their web store and update it with solutions for easy and productive management and marketing.

Move your business online with UKAD