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UKAD's recipe of the top-notch eCommerce project

Based on our experience in developing web solutions, we've outlined practices and approaches allowing UKAD to create brilliant eCommerce platforms with great usability and impressive ROI

  • Ic Global Market

    Business Analysis

    Our in-house business analysts provide a deep understanding of the needs and opportunities of each project, allowing us to create top-notch online stores

  • Ic Elaborate Design 1

    Elaborate Design

    We believe that quality design is vital, thus we care about how a user interacts with each feature and create brilliant interfaces for every project

  • Ic Quality

    Optimal Tech Stack

    UKAD's position is the avoidance of any wain tech complexity, which means a clear and manageable development process and better ROI scores

  • Ic Easily Updating

    Easy Management

    Our technical stack for eCommerce includes CMSs with easy management to allow our Customers to use as many features as possible through their own efforts

  • Ic Seo 1

    SEO Features

    With in-house tools and experts, we monitor and improve Search Engine Optimization on our eCommerce projects to provide really proficient products

  • Ic Upgrade System 2

    Support and Maintenance

    All UKAD products are not only quality developed but also professionally supported to provide the best experience from collaboration and build a long-term partnership

Our best eCommerce cases

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    AJ Produkter

    AJ Produkter is a long-established supplier of office and workplace furniture, school furniture, lockers, changing room facilities, canteen furniture, shelving and racking, premises management equipment, and much more.

    UKAD collaboration with AJ Produkter turns into a fruitful long-term partnership. The close teamwork was enriched by the Customer’s business and design experience and the UKAD engineering team's technical expertise.

    To meet the business goals we successfully implemented the following solutions:

    • Upgrade the existing website back-end and front-end code (both server and UI part);
    • Create a custom web CMS tool that simplifies banners and campaign management for international editors via the WYSIWYG model;
    • Create a mobile version of Ojega brand;
    • Create and set up two additional informational websites (the corporate website, and the product solution platform (with a description of design services and products installation examples);
    • Speed up the website performance (3 seconds index for desktop and mobile);
    • Technical support for the company's websites.
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  • Ginza

    Ginza is a family-owned e-commerce project from Nossebro, Sweden. It is the oldest and probably the most famous online music shop in the country. Ginza offers a great variety of audio and video devices and records.

    For years of cooperation, UKAD provided tech support and maintenance services, as well as developed for Ginza the new eCommerce website with the next features:

    • 300 000+ items support
    • AI-based search engine
    • Apptus integration.
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Our eCommerce development expertise

Based on 15 years of web development experience, UKAD has formed an optimal technical stack that fulfills almost all the business needs in the eCommerce area


Building online stores upon CMS platforms sizeably reduces the time and effort spent on development and management. That's why we offer options suitable for craftsmen shops, either for big enterprise sellers.

Payment systems

UKAD's experience in integration with the most common payment systems allows us to create safe and user-friendly eCommerce solutions. Please note, our skillset is not limited to the next tools!

More eCommerce projects

The image shows trucks with trailers parked outside a building labeled "WESTBAY".


UKAD got a request on the development of the eCommerce website from a Swedish entrepreneur from the Automotive industry. He had been operating with an eCommerce website before, but it was outdated, complicated both to manage and use

UKAD Focusnordic

Focus Nordic

This project started as a part of a long-term collaboration with a branched structure of vendors and contractors. But later some conditions changed, so Focus Nordic decided to work with UKAD directly because our developers were already familiar with everything related to the project and met all the requirements.

Daek Drop In

Daek Drop In

Daek Drop In is a Danish company providing a broad range of car tires that came to UKAD with a request for eCommerce development. As soon as the project is the first Customer's startup, we were ought to find a solution with the easiest management and clear development process.

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