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Our Dedicated Software Development Teams are your strategic partners in turning ideas into robust, scalable solutions. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we align our expertise with your goals, delivering exceptional results every time

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What is a Dedicated
Software Development

A dedicated software development team is a group of experts working exclusively on a Client's project with various levels of management involvement. Commonly, team composition consists of back- and front-end developers, QA and DevOps experts, designers, project managers, and other experts to deliver end-to-end solutions. As the development team remains self-managed in routines, the Client obtains full control on strategic level and decision making freedom.

Providing embedded developers, we closely cooperate with the Client for clear understanding of requirements, effective team composition, and seamless integration into the overall business processes.

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Key advantages of dedicated development team services

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    Exclusive focus

    Every member of a dedicated development team works only on the Client's tasks, including managers and niche experts. Which makes delivery more predictable, better planned, and effective

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    Scalability and flexibility

    It's easier to scale an embedded team than the in-house IT department. So that you can swiftly add developers during 'hot times' or optimize the team size when there is less work for developers

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    Include certified developers with unique expertise for measurable improvements of processes and solutions quality, skipping complicated and prolonged recruitment

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    Cost efficiency

    Enjoy substantial cost savings on labor in Eastern Europe, where developers exhibit skills comparable to those in the USA and Scandinavia. As well, we take all the related expenses, such as HR management, so you pay only for delivery

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    Cultural alignment

    Dedicated teams often align closely with your company's culture and values, promoting better integration and understanding of your business goals

Meet your future development team!
A typical embedded team consists of:

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    Front-end Developer

    Turns pixel-perfect designs into user-friendly interfaces

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    Back-end Developer

    Builds a robust foundation for websites and applications

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    Project Manager

    Manages the dedicated team to ensure timely delivery

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    QA Expert

    Ensures that everything works as intended

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    UX/UI Designer

    Provides users with outstanding experience

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    DevOps Engineer

    Builds and maintains reliable infrastructure for the project

Decades in close partnership

Since 2005, our dedicated software developers have been working with famous brands with 5-starred results!
  • "The product has been a resounding success. UKAD’s openness complemented their collaborative and professional management style. Their dedication and responsiveness to the project were also noteworthy. Expect a team that provides quality work and is willing to take on any challenge."

    Alex Lehmberg
    ContentTap, Denmark
  • "The team at UKAD has widespread in-house expertise. Their ability to scale and adapt to changing projects makes them stand out. They will work weekends to ensure deadlines are met, and consistently go the extra mile."

    Dr. Phil Agulnik
    entitledto, United Kingdom
  • "Prompt and helpful in software development projects. High skills in .Net and web development. Very professional."

    Johan Sävenstrand
    Ginza music shop, Sweden
  • "UKAD has shown flexibility, rapidness, professionality and they are available when needed!"

    Martin Westin
    Birdie AB, Sweden
  • "We've been working for five years and we never missed the deadline. I want to keep these guys forever working with me."

    Mårten Angner
    Whiteport AB, Sweden
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Agile Team: idea, team, delivery!

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    Step 1

    Join a discovery call

    Tell us more about your business on a discovery call. We’ll discuss your vision, timescale, and required expertises

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    Step 2

    Setup the team you need!

    Select the most suitable developers from UKAD's talent pool, conduct technical interviews, validate culture fit, and finalize the agreements

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    Step 3

    Get started!

    We help you with onboarding and integration with your business processes, when you’re setting first tasks for your dedicated team

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Common questions about Dedicated Team model

  • How does the Dedicated Team model differ from traditional outsourcing?
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    The dedicated team model involves forming a group of specialists solely dedicated to your project, differing from traditional outsourcing by integrating seamlessly with your in-house team for an extended period. This fosters collaboration, flexibility, and a deeper understanding of project goals.

  • How is communication managed with a dedicated software development team?
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    Communication is facilitated through regular meetings, video conferences, and collaboration tools, such as project management platforms and corporate wikis, eg. Jira and Confluence by Atlassian. In this way, we ensure effective collaboration, consistent delivery, and transparency.

  • Is it possible to scale a Dedicated Team on the ongoing project?
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    This model offers scalability, allowing you to adjust team size based on project requirements. This flexibility ensures efficient resource allocation without compromising quality, whether scaling up for intense development phases or down during quieter periods.

  • What is the typical duration of engagement for a Dedicated Team?
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    This model typically suits long-term projects, so the average duration of engagement ranges from several months to years. In UKAD, we have dedicated teams with over 5 years of ongoing collaboration.

  • How are intellectual property and confidential data protected in the Dedicated Team model?
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    Due to the agreement, the Client obtains exclusive rights to all intellectual property, and we, as a service provider, guarantee that these rights will never be violated or claimed. To protect sensitive data and intellectual property from unauthorized access, we utilize numerous technical measures, such as secure network connections, data encryption, and access controls.

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