Industry — Ecommerce, Retail
Location — Sweden
  • Retail
  • Music shop
  • Wipcore
  • Klarna
  • .NET
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Ginza, a family-owned ecommerce project based in Nossebro, Sweden, stands as the country's oldest and most renowned online music shop. With over 50 years of experience in the market, Ginza offers an extensive variety of audio and video devices, as well as an impressive collection of records.

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In 2011, Ginza sought a nearshoring partner that shared European cooperation values and could provide dedicated support for their ecommerce platform. They needed a partner experienced in the Scandinavian market and capable of modernizing their existing web shop, which was based on Wipcore CMS. Additionally, Ginza required solutions to handle their vast assortment of over 300,000 items and improve their site's search functionality and user experience.


UKAD, a Ukrainian software development company with its extensive experience working in Scandinavia, was chosen as the ideal partner. Ginza hired a dedicated team from UKAD to support and enhance their online presence. Our journey began with maintaining and supporting the existing Wipcore CMS-based webshop.

Over time, we completely migrated Ginza's old solution to a headless implementation using .NET and Umbraco. This transformation allowed for greater flexibility, scalability, and improved performance. The website underwent several UI/UX updates, all of which were handled by our team, showcasing our expertise in UX/UI design.

To address the challenge of managing a vast product assortment and improving search functionality, we integrated an AI-powered search feature based on individual suggestions. This enhanced the user experience by simplifying the process of finding products.

We also integrated the Apptus eCommerce platform to analyze customer interactions in real-time. This integration allowed Ginza to adjust product exposure dynamically, delivering personalized shopping experiences and optimizing the online store according to business objectives like margin, profitability, and responsiveness to shopping trends.

Our multi-server architecture ensured the site could handle high volumes of visitors, maintaining stability and performance. Additionally, we provided day-to-day technical support, ensuring smooth operations and addressing any issues promptly.

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"Prompt and helpful in software development projects. High skills in .Net and web development. Very professional."

Johan Sävenstrand Ginza music shop, Sweden


  • Successfully migrated Ginza's webshop to a modern, headless implementation using .NET and Umbraco.
  • Enhanced user experience through several UI/UX updates.
  • Improved search functionality with AI-powered suggestions, simplifying product discovery for visitors.
  • Optimized online store performance and customer experience with the Apptus eCommerce platform.
  • Maintained high site stability and performance through a robust multi-server architecture.
  • Provided ongoing technical support, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Fostered a strong, long-term relationship with Ginza, who gladly refers UKAD in Sweden.


Our collaboration with Ginza highlights UKAD's expertise in building complex ecommerce solutions and our commitment to client retention. By providing tailored solutions and dedicated support, we have helped Ginza maintain its status as Sweden's leading online music shop. Our ongoing partnership stands as a testament to the quality of our services and the strong relationships we build with our clients.

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