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Upscale your delivery with React developers from UKAD

Boost your software products with beautiful and effective interfaces developed with React! We offer a comprehensive solution for powering your delivery with certified frontend engineers

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React development services we provide

  • 01
    Custom React web development

    Build fast and scalable web applications with React! Implement sophisticated component-driven architecture, utilize reliable testing frameworks, and secure seamless data flow in collaboration with UKAD.

  • 02
    SaaS development and migration

    React perfectly suits the development of applications of any size. Start from a smaller app and scale it to the world-leader size, or migrate an existing product to the fresh platform and keep leadership in your niche. A combination of scalability, versatility, and security makes React a justifiedly popular tool for SaaS product creation.

  • 03
    React app support & maintenance

    Our experience shows that it's not enough to only build an application. The real work starts from the release! Reliable support and maintenance service of React applications allows improving performance, swiftly dealing with emerging issues, and constantly polishing User Experience. Our expertise and deep understanding of the React ecosystem make UKAD a such react development agency, capable of keeping your apps fresh and powerful.

  • 04
    React UI/UX design

    Don't choose between beauty and performance of your software! React features allow developers achieving synergy with designers to implement fascinating yet intuitive interfaces. With UKAD, you can enhance your applications with rich visual components and animations, combining perfect User Experience, state-of-art image, and excellent performance.

3 reasons to hire UKAD

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    100+ React developers onboard

    We are capable of fulfilling your most sophisticated needs! Regardless of whether you need a single person with niche expertise or a whole development team to build a huge project, UKAD provides a possibility to cherry pick people with the exact tech skills and perfect cultural fit

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    Technical excellence

    With 18 years on the market, we have deep expertise in development and integration of React with the existing systems. The UKAD team knows how to implement cutting-edge solutions and build products, and adds value to your project!

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    Flexible engagement

    Flexibility is our superpower! We stay in productive partnerships for years through swift adaptation to the Client’s needs. You can start from a single React developer and grow to the full-pledged development team, and downscale after the hottest phase. With UKAD, your business stays agile and efficient

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Our React ecosystem expertise

  • Core libraries and frameworks

    Foundational components used for React development, including server-side rendering

    • React (React JS)
    • ReactDOM
    • Next.js
    • Gatsby
  • State management

    Streamlining data flow, providing caching, and synchronization across components are vital parts of React development projects

    • Redux, Redux Toolkit
    • MobX
    • Apollo Client
    • React Query
  • User interface development

    Tools and technologies for implementation of unique pixel-perfect User Interfaces, including pre-built components, theming, and CSS-in-JS

    • Material-UI
    • Chakra UI
    • Reactstrap
    • Styled Components
    • Emotion
    • Tailwind
  • Code handling and optimization

    Transpilers, bundlers, linters, formatters and other tools used for maintaining clean code are necessary to keep the development process efficient and manageable

    • TypeScript
    • Webpack
    • Parcel
    • Rollup
    • Babel
    • ESLint
    • Prettier
  • Testing and validation

    Testing is vital for reliability and correctness of software, so we utilize cutting-edge tools, sophisticated strategies, and techniques

    • React Testing Library
    • Jest
    • Yup
    • Cypress
  • Routing and form management

    Necessary for swift and reliable development of integral parts of User Experience: navigation and interactions with apps

    • Formik
    • React Hook Form
    • React Router
  • Auxiliary tools and libraries

    Useful additions for smothering the development process, such as large datasets rendering, internationalization, UI components development, and so forth

    • Storybook
    • React-intl
    • React Virtualized
    • React i18next
    • React Window

Tailored React development solutions

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • React-powered product
  • Add skilled React developers to your team, enjoy accelerated performance, and seamless integration. We provide certified talents in the shortest possible way to speedline delivery of your projects and upscale your development capacity.

    Only three steps taken to initiate a staff augmentation project:

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    • Join exploration call | UKAD
      Step 1

      Join exploration call

      Tell us about your development team and discuss the required expertise, your goals, and targets to let us find the best experts for you

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      Step 2

      Design the team structure

      Select the most suitable developers from UKAD's talent pool, conduct technical interviews, validate culture fit, and finalize the agreements

    • Check Icon
      Step 3

      Kickstart the delivery!

      Set tasks and evaluate results, when we are helping with onboarding, establishing communication inside the team, track progress, and continuously monitor the delivery

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  • To build a full-pledged solution, only React developers aren't enough. For a comprehensive solution, add backend developers, QA and DevOps engineers, and other experts to compose a team capable of unleashing the full power of React.

    Dedicated Team illustration
    • Phone Icon
      Step 1

      Join a discovery call

      Tell us more about your business on a discovery call. We’ll discuss your vision, timescale, and required expertises

    • Users Icon
      Step 2

      Setup the team you need!

      Select the most suitable developers from UKAD's talent pool, conduct technical interviews, validate culture fit, and finalize the agreements

    • Check Icon
      Step 3

      Get started!

      We help you with onboarding and integration with your business processes, when you’re setting first tasks for your dedicated team

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  • Implement your bravest ideas with UKAD and unleash the potential of React for creating outstanding User Experience! Share your business vision, and let us build a development team to turn it into the software product in three steps:

    React illustration
    • Phone Icon
      Step 1

      Join a discovery call

      Tell us more about your business on a discovery call. We’ll discuss team structure, success criteria, timescale, and required expertises

    • Users Icon
      Step 2

      Create the roadmap

      Build a team from UKAD's talent pool, meet your dedicated Project Manager, validate culture fit, and finalize the agreements

    • Check Icon
      Step 3

      Start the journey!

      We build and onboard your development team. Get ready for the first demo meeting!

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  • What types of projects can benefit from React development services?

    There are lots of cases for the utilization of React. In fact, any web application that requires rich and interactive interfaces can be developed with React, including social media platforms, progressive web apps or PWAs, content management systems, e-commerce solutions, and so on.

  • Can existing web applications be migrated to React?

    Offering React development services, we also mean partial or full modernization of legacy apps. Rewriting or refactoring components of existing applications can be a good way to improve their performance and enhance User Experience with lesser spends compared to the development of brand-new software.

  • What are some disadvantages of React?

    Despite being an effective tool for web development, React has some disadvantages. Developers may dislike it for the absence of built-in routing and state management tools, and the necessity of server-side rendering implementation for SEO, which leads to more complex delivery. While users of applications built with React may face some issues with performance in old browsers.

  • Can you integrate React with other technologies or frameworks?

    Yes, React perfectly integrates with numerous technologies, tools, and frameworks, like headless CMS, creating a complex ecosystem of front-end development. Talking about our solutions, we successfully utilize React to build interfaces for web apps based on ASP.NET, Umbraco, and Optimizely.

  • Do you offer maintenance and support services for React projects?

    We provide maintenance and support services both for our React projects and legacy products. With UKAD, your applications stay secure, fast, and user-friendly with up-to-date technologies and best practices implementation.

  • What is your approach to testing in React development?

    UKAD utilizes the best practices, like unit and end-to-end testing, and tools like Jest, Yup, Cypress, and React Testing Library for test automation to ensure reliability, robustness, and stable performance of our React-based applications in any case and scenario.