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Sphere of industry — Education
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About TheAcademy

Founded in 1999, TheAcademy company is located in Sweden. They offer training courses and programs for fitness trainers. The learning process includes both online and offline parts.

When the owners of TheAcademy first got in touch with UKAD, they already had a website. But as the project developed, the team realized that the website required serious improvements. So they set a challenge to build a new eLearning portal that would meet modern requirements and be able to help the company stay competitive in the digital market, strengthen its online presence, reach more students, and simplify the learning and certificate granting processes.


Challenges and Solutions

In order to help our Client achieve their goals, the UKAD team developed technical solutions to meet several challenges:

  • Update the My School system (personal learning account) by adding new functionality to support online studies and examinations, follow educational progress, search for educational information, and check schedules;
  • Make My School mobile-friendly;
  • Create a user interface  for handling online questions and exams;
  • Design a solution that can handle 1000+ students working simultaneously;
  • Introduce online payments to make new courses more accessible;
  • Introduce multiple subscriptions to different budgets;

Updated My School system

My School page
TheAcademy 2
Examination Results page
TheAcademy 3
Schedule page
TheAcademy 4
TheAcademy 5

Remote Exam certification

TheAcademy 6
TheAcademy 7

Subscription page

TheAcademy 8
Ic Quote

"They always provide quick and reliable support."

CEO, Education and Training Firm Stockholm, Sweden


We successfully implemented the following solutions to meet our client's requirements:

  • Fast, safe, and intuitive online access to courses, training materials, schedules, and certification process;
  • Remote exam certification;
  • Online payment options;
  • Various subscription plans/packages;
  • Advanced notification system;
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