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How Digital Transformation Works

We are here to help every step of the way. We work closely with each Client, maintaining an open channel of communication through the launch and beyond. We're your partner on the journey.

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Ic Primary Discussion

Primary Discussion

Share your idea with us over a cup of tea or a Skype call. CEO and CTO personally lead each new customer to make sure that our cooperation is effective and successful in the long term.

Close collaboration with a Сlient and understanding of business goals allows us to work transparently and productively.

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Ic Guide Price

Guide price

Every customer is worried about how much time and money will be required to implement their project. We work to make our solutions as cost- and time-effective as possible and to keep our customers satisfied.

We perform an initial evaluation of the project right after receiving and discussing the brief. And as soon as the UI and UX are ready, we provide a more precise estimate. We look for the best solution in terms of project workflow, technologies, and specialists.

We give you an approximate price based on our initial discussion.

After a workshop when prototype and visual design are approved, the functionality and technological tools are determined, we form a proposal. At this stage, the client receives an accurate estimate, timeline, development start date, and the expected release date.

Ic Design Research

Research and Design


We thoroughly collect and document our clients’ requirements and wishes.


At this stage, we define the user experience that best suits the project aims. We do user research, create a user journey and task flow, and draw wireframes. We advise either high-fidelity interactive prototypes for big and complicated projects (using Sketch, Figma, Framer, InVision, Marvel, etc.) or simple paper sketches for rapid projects.

We often return to the UX stage for revision after some work is done on the UI. The UX and UI iterations give stakeholders more confidence in the product and help to predict the satisfaction of users.  

UI Design

We start to create the first UI sketches at the UX stage. As our practice shows, contemporaneous work on UX and UI design lead to the best results.

During the UI design process, there are a few important things we pay attention to style, overall consistency, and feasibility.

In terms of style, we study existing design units of the product: websites or applications, social networks, branding elements, and so on. Besides that, we study competitors to assure that the product can compete. Finally, we create general style sketches or develop existing design elements.

At the next stage, we define the final style direction and expand it to the overall system. It’s important to check that style elements work in all potential cases and states. In this way, design sketches gradually transform into the design system.

While polishing the visual part, we actively discuss design with developers. Checking visual and technical parts in parallel helps to make our work time-effective and productive.

Ic Development Stage

Development Stage

We tend to use Agile techniques for providing the best results. 

Our expertise covers a full range of IT services, Mobile and Web technologies.
Our main expertise is ASP.NET, Azure, Epi Server, Umbraco, Angular.JS, Vue.JS, React, Node.JS, Ionic, React Native. We enjoy finding cost- and time- effective solutions for the challenges set by the Client’s business goals.

Development Best Practices


A minimum viable product is a product that has only the functionality needed to satisfy the first users. Collecting information from an MVP is cheaper than collecting information after developing a product with many features. This allows our clients to reduce costs and risks. For example, a startup can pivot if the product doesn’t work because of incorrect assumptions.

Automated Deployments

Our deployments, testing and development instances are automated to keep the workflow quick and efficient.

Small Iterations

Our teams work in two-week sprint, improving and updating the product during each sprint.


We provide automated and manual testing to avoid the possibility of a product misbehaviour.

Code Reviews

All the code we write is cross reviewed to ensure the high quality.

Ic Project Launch

The Project Launch

Here we share the final results with the end users.

During the release, we perform acceptance and load testing and check the product interface in different browsers.

After a successful release, the project comes to life.

Ic After Release Support

After Release Support

The journey doesn't stop when we’ve completed development.

Your product in live and you start better understand your user needs and the direction the project should be developed.

We’re available to advise and mentor you during the next stages of your journey.