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Mimir is the avatar of knowledge from Norse Mythology, whose name means 'the one who remembers'. As legendary Mimir was a source of Odin's wisdom, Mimir Test is a powerful cognitive trainer. 

The founder of Mimir Test came up with a robust idea, documented logic, and even some sketches to hire a development team, which may bring it to life. So, UKAD provided him with back- and front-end development, and quality solution architecture, and covered everything with tests. We also updated the original visual conception with good-looking and clear charts, which provide users with comprehensive analytics and allow evaluating the progress easily. 

Mimir Test 2

Challenges and Solutions

Mimir Test had challenging requirements strictly defined with its unique conception.

  • Many language support with easy switching
  • The clear layout that doesn't distract users during testing
  • Possibility of adding, changing, and managing huge amounts of content
  • Safe and easy payments
  • Great security level

To fulfill all the requirements, we decided to use Umbraco CMS augmented with plugins. The solution was selected because of its great usability both for users and managers. Then, we added the possibility to implement support for many languages (at this stage Danish and English) with synchronous translation which significantly reduces time spent on content management. Analytics and charts were implemented with Highcharts Plugin discovered during UKAD's research. As the payments platform, Mimir Test uses Netaxept by Nets because of its highest level of security and user-friendly UI.

Home and Dashboard

Home Page
Mimir Test 3
User dashboard
Mimir Test 4
Test progression chart
Mimir Test 5

Test Flow

Test in progress
Mimir Test 6
Complete test details
Mimir Test 7
Ic Quote

"The development made it possible for the client to engage with the market and begin their promotion. UKAD provides weekly demos and communicates effectively to ensure a smooth workflow. The team is knowledgeable, hard-working, and professional."

Thomas Jannsen Founder & CEO, Mimir test ApS


Mimir Test successfully dealt with 20 thousand simulated test results, which were created during the testing, which means that it's robust enough to serve multiple users at one time. It also means the founder of Mimir Test is pleased with the UKAD's work

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