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Industry — Pharma industry, Vaccination
Location — United Kingdom
  • Web Development
  • Healthcare
  • .NET
  • C#
  • Vue.JS
  • Azure


The Сustomer is a leading holiday vaccine supplier with a mission to take the stress out of getting your holiday vaccines. With licensed clinics across the nation, and same day appointments available within an hour, you can be holiday ready in less than 24 hours. 

Travel Vaccination Service


Our Сlient wanted to turn his idea into the modern digital product. In order to meet the Сustomer’s business goals we’ve divided the project implementation into two digital solutions: 

  • a public website for patients;
  • a complete clinical system for full cycle clinic management;


After a primary discussion we set a list of key requirements:

for a website:

  • give an easy access to recommended vaccinations info for worldwide destinations;
  • provide a complete user guide on vaccines;
  • provide tools for continuous SEO optimization for site administrators;
  • allow easy clinic search and appointment booking;

for a clinical system:

a system for managing the routines of the vaccination clinic with the features of:

  • appointment management;
  • stock handling;
  • clinician consultation via chat and legal directions document chat or web-request);


To successfully implement the required features and create the product, our team has chosen the following technical steps:

for the public website:

  • to build a mobile-friendly platform from scratch;
  • to create a CMS system with SEO built-in tools;
  • to provide Google maps integration for convenient clinic search;
  • to implement an appointment booking feature;

for the clinical system:

  • to create a variety of prototype alternatives to choose an optimal UX flow;
  • to create a scheduler for appointment management;
  • to add a treatment management system with a patient history and other details;
  • provide access to clinician consultation chat;
  • set a user action system log for CQC compliance;
Travel Vaccination Service 2
Ic Quote

"UKAD has a broad range of skills that allow them to handle any and all aspects of the project."


We have successfully created two connected products (public website and clinical system). The products' functionality lets the company to successfully manage the requests from users who want to have a vaccination (such as before a trip to a foreign country). The website provides general information about vaccines and vaccinations and helps users to book an appointment with a comfortable time and location.

UKAD provided a solid tool for running a clinic, which hopefully yields many partners collaborating with our Сlient and giving dividends.

Technology stack


  • Csharp
  • Aspnet
    ASP.NET CORE 6.0
  • Ms Sql Server
    MS SQL Server
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Vuejs


  • Send Grid
  • Xero
  • Twillio
  • Trustpilot
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