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Industry — Logistics
Location — Sweden
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This project initiated a logistics company from Sweden with an innovative approach to shipping services. Using cutting-edge software, they make delivery not only fast and cost-effective but also safe for ecology, reducing cargo's carbon footprint.

So, Fraktus asked UKAD to create an application capable of handling requests from customers and responses from shipping companies. As well, this app should provide analytics and help to spot areas to improve.

Fractus Case Study


Fraktus required a dedicated application to efficiently handle their multitude of ad-hoc requests and bookings. Recognizing the volume of such requests, they sought a specialized tool tailored to their specific needs.

There were no extraordinary requirements, but rather heightened emphasis on reliability because this application will become a crucial part of the company's toolset. Then, it has to fit the workflow perfectly, straightforwardly display all the required information, and never take too much time to start using.

The idea of the solution is quite simple: there should be a dashboard for users where they can place ad-hoc requests within a dedicated flow to separate them from standard delivery. Sounds clear, but there come several very special requirements:

  • Inquiries should be processed as fast as possible.
  • Delivery companies should clearly separate ad-hoc and standard requests.
  • Customers also require a clear understanding of the term of delivery.

So, within these optics, just a dashboard for appointments is not enough!


To handle ad-hoc requests, we designed a simple dashboard because it doesn't require any visual-rich layouts to fulfill its purpose. At the same time, being on the clear side helps to take into account all the presented information.

From the start, a user has to create a request for a quotation and specify the conditions. It allows asking for shipment in two cases — when the package is already prepared and when it's only planned — and just to know the estimated price of delivery. 

The admin dashboard looks pretty similar but with a bit of different functionality. It displays information about requests for quotation divided into three tabs: New for obviously new requests, Booked for requests with responses, and All requests. Admins also can see the information about the requests and partly edit them, namely the number and weight of goods and options related to the delivery time. As well, the Admin dashboard allows filtering by date of creation, type, transport mode, and status, eg. new, booked, or canceled, so it's easy to manage and doesn't require anything sophisticated for management.

The heart of this logistics solution is options in the request with which users should interact. Despite being a part of a complex business system, it's as user-friendly as possible and takes only a few clicks to create a request. How comfy and clear is it you can figure out through the following video:

Request Flow

Fractus 1
Fractus 2 3
Fractus 4 5

Admin's Dashboad

Fraktus Admin


The developed solution is friendly to every side: senders, delivery providers, and the admin staff on the Fraktus side. It's smoothly merged with the basic approach to shipping and is capable of serving in almost any possible case in a few clicks. Thus, in our view, we created a good example of a solution that avoids useless complexity for users but solves complex issues for the Customer.

It took half a year to bring our ideas to life and build an ad-hoc requests management system for Fraktus. Today, it's integrated with the rest of the Fraktus' software and already became a part of their approach to the digitalization of delivery services.


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