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Daek Drop In is a Danish company providing a broad range of car tires that came to UKAD with a request for eCommerce development. As soon as the project is the first Customer's startup, we were ought to find a solution with the easiest management and clear development process.

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For UKAD, this project was quite unique and challenging. Firstly, as we said before, it was necessary to avoid any complexity. Next, Daek Drop In has no stocking facilities, which means the shop should contemporaneously get information from several suppliers and update the proposition.

Thus, UKAD offered the next services:

  • business analysis
  • UI/UX design
  • full-cycle development
  • support and maintenance.


After the business analysis, we decided to use Umbraco CMS with Ucommerce because they are cost-effective, well-supported, and easy to manage. While the Customer is neither a developer nor an IT entrepreneur, this tech stack fulfills all the requirements related to content management and similar processes. As the search engine, we used ElasticSearch because it's well-known by developers, fast and customizable. For similar reasons, we decided to use QuickPay as a payment system.

To provide the best available prices on the market, Daek Drop In operates without its stocking facilities, and all the tires are provided right from the distributors' stocks. So, we implemented database sharing using FTP to update the current proposal timely. This solution allows not only to operate with the most current information about available tires but also to use Google Merchant instruments.

To provide better services, Daek Drop In partners with numerous mounting studios around the country in which customers can also pick up the shipment. We decided to use Google Maps and postcode search to help the website visitors find the best options just in a few clicks.

And the last feature of the Daek Drop In project is the possibility to match up the tires by plate number. Using the API integration, we get all the needed information about the car and find suitable tires in our product list. With this tool, any customer can pick up the best possible options knowing only the plate number of the car.

Desktop version

Home page
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Search for mounting service
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Tire selection
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Mobile version

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Now, the online store is deployed and being polished for better Search Engine Optimisation, as well as the implementation of various marketing tools. And the Customer decided to keep cooperating with UKAD as a tech support provider.

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