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Why do we offer Outsourced IT Support?

Every good project once begins and lasts for years. When the solution is developed and deployed, it requires lesser developer's attention, but some work is still necessary

  • Ic Troubleshooting

    App Monitoring

    While the website is down, it only damages the owner's reputation. Whereas, under the UKAD's observation, sites are protected by DevOps. So, in case of any issues, the web application will be recovered as soon as possible.

  • Ic Upgrade System 2

    App Support

    Even the best solution became outdated. Outdated systems can't attract so many customers, requiring more efforts on management, thus hurting owners' businesses. Timely upgraded apps never face these issues.

  • Ic Infrastructure Support

    Infrastructure Support

    Robust and reliable infrastructure is vital for application sustainability and performance. Properly handled server infrastructure allows reducing risks of web application downtime, data loss, and the system's security.

Why Choose UKAD as a Technical Support Provider?

24/7 Monitoring

Our engineering team established a monitoring system allowing us to spot, track, and fix all the unexpected changes in the websites' performance.

Dedicated Manager

We provide a dedicated manager for each supported project to keep the quality and rapidness of communications between customers and developers.

Gold Microsoft Partner

This partnership guarantees that UKAD's customers work only with reliable DevOps Engineers whose competence is examined by Microsoft.

Projects Supported by UKAD

8 out of 10 Customers choose UKAD as a long-term outsourcing partner for IT support services which proves our reliability



Ginza is the oldest and most famous online music shop in Sweden offering over 300 thousand records, devices, and other goods. For over 7 years, we support their web store and update it with solutions for easy and productive management and marketing.

AJ Produkter

AJ Produkter

AJ Produkter is a leading mail order company for office furniture, materials handling, and storage solutions. The company is headquartered in Sweden and operates in 19 European countries. AJ distributes products and offers to its customers interior design with manufactured goods.



ContentTap is not just about making content available. It provides business insights for content usage. Centralized document management provided by ContentTap notifies every team member when important content is changed or new content is available.

Ic Agile (2)

With our Support services, you get a guarantee that your business is powered with the strong technical side handled by skilled experts. Keep focused on the business goals and reach new heights, you backed with a reliable tech partner!

More Services by UKAD

Project Management

Project Management

Managed Delivery is an important part of our approach. To keep a high quality of products and comfortable communication, UKAD includes a Project Manager or simply PM in the development teams


Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance services are vital for the successful market launch of the product. During QA and testing, our skilled engineers find every bug and UX issue using both manual and automated approaches

Digitalize With Ukad

Digitalization Services

We have well-established development teams whose delivery isn't affected by the coronavirus, as well as any other crisis factors. With UKAD you will always get what you've expected!

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