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Location — UK
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Entitledto, established in 2000, is a pioneering provider of online benefits calculators in the UK. As the first of its kind, Entitledto empowers individuals to determine their eligibility for national and local government benefits through self-serve calculators. Their mission is to demystify the complex UK benefits system, ensuring that everyone entitled to benefits is aware of and can claim their rightful support. Millions of people use Entitledto's services annually to perform benefits checks or complete budgets.

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Entitledto was looking for a reliable partner capable of understanding and navigating the complexities of the UK’s social security system. They started with small support tasks with UKAD in 2013. Over time, as we demonstrated our capability, the relationship deepened, and we were entrusted with greater responsibilities. Key challenges included:

  • Managing and supporting a legacy codebase that handled 40% of all benefit calculations in the UK.
  • Providing day-to-day operational support under the direct management of Entitledto’s CTO.
  • Ensuring the platform could scale and perform efficiently under high traffic volumes.
  • Continuously improving the user experience to make the benefits system more accessible.


Our team took a comprehensive approach to address Entitledto's needs:

  • Migration to .NET Core: We successfully migrated the entire system to .NET Core, enhancing performance and scalability.
  • Delivery Management Simplification: Our DevOps streamlined the old CI/CD platform, facilitating easier and more efficient version releases.
  • Product and Tool Integration: We integrated new tools and products, expanding Entitledto’s commercial offerings and improving competitiveness.
  • UI/UX Updates: We oversaw several UI/UX updates to ensure the platform remained user-friendly and accessible.
  • User Experience Improvements: We consistently worked on enhancing the UX, making the system more intuitive and accessible.
  • SEO Optimization: We implemented SEO best practices to improve search rankings and increase site visibility.

Online Benefit Calculator

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Benefit calculation
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"We’ve chosen to completely assign the project to UKAD, and they will continue to be our full development resource. The team at UKAD has widespread in-house expertise. Their ability to scale and adapt to changing projects makes them stand out. They will work weekends to ensure deadlines are met, and consistently go the extra mile."

Phil Agulnik Founder, EntitledTo


Our ongoing partnership with Entitledto has delivered significant, measurable outcomes:

  • The migration to .NET Core and continuous improvements have resulted in a robust, high-performing platform capable of handling heavy traffic.
  • Regular UI/UX updates have made the platform more user-friendly, leading to higher user satisfaction.
  • The addition of new tools and features has strengthened Entitledto’s market position.
  • Enhanced SEO practices have significantly improved search rankings, boosting site visibility.
  • Our consistent support has fostered a strong, ongoing relationship with Entitledto, leading to positive referrals in the UK.

Our collaboration with Entitledto highlights our expertise in .NET development, high-loaded systems, and sustained client engagement, underscoring our ability to manage complex projects and deliver outstanding results.

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