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Co:tunity is a co-creation app made by Kairos Future that connects team members in real-time to capture inspiration and build ideas.

A Co:tunity user can be engaged in a variety of challenges as a co:spotter, co:futurist, co:ideator, or co:inventor to co-create actionable insights and sparkling solutions. Co:tunity is a platform where users can help companies that are struggling with challenges such as rethinking communication, empowering their brand, developing new products, cutting costs, or figuring out how to attract more customers.

Sharing Spottings or Ideations is easier than posting updates on social networks. Co:tunity users are guided by co:owners of challenges and are able to follow and learn from innovation experts.

Co:tunity 2


Our Client, Kairos Future, set a strategic challenge to give a new life to a crowdsourcing platform to implement the idea of the Co:tunity project. The platform would help to manage problem-solving and future analysis approaches easily and effectively.

In order to meet our client’s requirements, we divided the main goal into several tactical steps:

  • Refactor project code;
  • Add new functionality;
  • Make the application more scalable;
  • Improve the web version of the platform as well as the iOS application;
  • Separate frequently updated sub-projects into autonomous instances;


We successfully implemented the following solutions:

  • Increased quality and application performance;
  • Updated the platform to make it more stable and reliable;
  • Set up a fast feature delivery cycle;

Implemented new functionality:

  • To take ideas from early drafts to business cases;
  • To share, vote, and comment on feature ideas;
  • To join Idea Teams to co-create innovative products and services;

Updated web application

Co:tunity 3

Updated web application dashboard

Co:tunity 4
Co:tunity 5

Updated mobile application

Co:tunity 6
Ic Quote

“Embracing lean software development, we needed a team that could suggest and implement innovative web solutions, provide a short development cycle, and care about cost-effectiveness. UKAD has delivered on all these terms!”

Trond Bugge


We created a new version of the platform that meets all of our client’s requirements and includes a modern UI and UX to successfully implement the Co:tunity project.

Set a partnership model relations with the Client that leads to 5 years of successful cooperation.

Improving application quality, increased the percentage of satisfied stakeholders.

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