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Why Project Management is important

Managed Delivery is an important part of our approach. To keep a high quality of products and comfortable communication, UKAD includes a Project Manager or simply PM in the development teams.

  • Ic Easy Communication


    Effective and cozy communication is what UKAD stands for. With the dedicated Project Manager, you get direct contact with a person who is responsible for day-to-day operations, goals, and issues.

  • Ic Efficiency Openness 2


    The PM is responsible for the delivery flow at every stage from research to post-release support. It allows you to focus time spends on the business aspects instead of communication with developers and receive up-to-date information on the project status

  • Ic Troubleshooting


    Your Project Manager works closely with the development team having the possibility to analyze, solve, predict and prevent issues. It makes the project less risky, more predictable and stable

  • Ic Cost Merit 3


    Your Project Manager is a person who figures out both the financial and technical sides of the product, which allows creating realistic estimation and accurate planning. In its turn, it allows staying within budget at every stage of development.

  • Ic People Management

    People Management

    Quality Project Management allows assigning tasks to each member of the development team in the most productive way. Your PM also handles the onboarding of the developers, solves and prevents conflicts inside the team as fast as possible

  • Ic Quality


    Better managed teams always deliver better results! With a professional Project Manager linking each member with each other, your development team becomes really solid and productive!

Ic Agile (1)

Strong Project Management is crucial for delivery under the Agile methodology. Only the perfectly managed development team can successfully utilize a continuous delivery approach and stay within planned tasks and budgets.

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