UKAD at the Finnish-Ukrainian Tech Day: A recap of the conference in Espoo

UKAD at the Finnish-Ukrainian Tech Day: A recap of the conference in Espoo

UKAD at the Finnish-Ukrainian Tech Day: A recap of the conference in Espoo

On May 30th, our team from UKAD had the pleasure of attending the Finnish-Ukrainian Tech Day in Espoo, Finland. The event brought together leaders and innovators from the tech industries of Finland and Ukraine. The aim was to foster collaboration and share insights on AI, software development, and growing businesses. Advicera OY organized the conference in partnership with the City of Espoo. It was an excellent chance to expand our network, gain new perspectives, and find new paths for innovation.

What's Finnish-Ukrainian Tech Day all about?

The Finnish-Ukrainian Technology Day is a conference open to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and startups. And most importantly, all those seeking to implement artificial intelligence in their business processes. This is not surprising, as the main focus of the conference was on artificial intelligence, software development, startups nurturing, and scaling. By attending this conference, the participants would have the opportunity to significantly save on R&D costs by cooperating with Ukrainian software developers in the long term. In addition, the conference provides an opportunity to establish valuable business connections for further cooperation and learn best practices in digitalization and software development.

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This year's conference program was quite interesting and full of numerous topics for discussion. Speeches and panel discussions were devoted to a variety of topics important for business development and technological progress. Moreover, this event was a great platform for networking with proven Ukrainian software companies and ICT stakeholders.

Highlights from the opening remarks

The conference kicked off with welcome words from H.E. Olga Dibrova, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Finland, and Jukka Mäkelä, the Mayor of Espoo. Their speeches underscored the importance of Finnish-Ukrainian cooperation in driving technological advancements and economic growth. The mayor of Espoo highlighted the city's innovation ecosystem, setting the tone for a day filled with forward-thinking discussions. Various partners, including Advicera, EnterEspoo, BusinessEspoo, Startup TAMPERE, Finnish Startup Community, and of course, UKAD supported this event.

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UKAD's moment in the spotlight

One of the most anticipated sessions was the panel discussion on "EdTech and E-learning: Combining the Best from Finland and Ukraine," where our COO, Denys Denysenko, took center stage. Denys shared UKAD's experiences and best practices for developing eLearning platforms. He also gave an example of a challenging and exciting project in our portfolio, GoalEnvision. This project for business people educates them on how to set targets and benchmarks and align them with company vision, taking into account market specifics, sales, operations, HR, and finance. Within the platform, business owners effectively learn by doing. Our example, not only this one, demonstrates the strong technical base developers possess in Ukraine. And how this knowledge can be applied to various projects. 

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His speech sparked meaningful discussions and opened the door for potential collaborations, demonstrating UKAD's commitment to pioneering advancements in EdTech.

Gained insights and future prospects

Participation in the Finnish-Ukrainian Technology Day was an invaluable experience for UKAD. We have established connections with other industry leaders and potential partners, laying the groundwork for future cooperation that could lead to significant progress in our projects. In addition, the event allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of trends in artificial intelligence and digitalization. The conference confirmed our belief in the power of international cooperation and its endless possibilities.


We look forward to applying the knowledge gained and continuing our journey toward innovation and excellence in technology.

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