GPT for Business: The Vision

GPT for Business: The Vision

There is one thing that looks as revolutionary as the steam-powered engine centuries ago, surrounded by those who believe in its unique value and those who oppose and call it a waste of time. The thing is a neural network, more specifically Chat GPT - a chatbot using downloaded information to generate unique answers. It's capable of talking like a living person, composing various texts, answering questions, writing poems, and so on. No discussion, it's a perfect toy for grown-up boys and girls, but can it be beneficial to the business?

Undoubtedly, Chat GPT is useful. The UKAD blog already has an article about using it for content marketing purposes, and now we want to discuss the less obvious usage of this tool. So, let's dive into the miraculous world of AI-powered chatbots for business!

Asking the bot

The first step to knowing how we can use Chat GPT is to ask Chat GPT itself. If we just ask a bot for some ideas, it returns with generic answers like content creation, proofreading and editing, translation, answering common questions, and so forth. But here we also have two curious points: market research and creative brainstorming. So, let's try testing them because it is a game-changer if Chat GPT can successfully deal with them.

I asked Chat GPT to analyze markets of fintech products in Sweden and consumer shopping in the United Kingdom, and the bot honestly replied that it isn't capable of dealing with such requests because it operates only with older data uploaded before 2022. So, now we have to wait for a new version with more recent data to use Chat GPT in this way.

The next step is to check how the chat deals with creative brainstorming. At first, I asked the bot to help me with the promotion of UKAD. Chat GPT returned another pile of generic recommendations, so my request was improved, and I ask for content marketing ideas with predictable results. For me, it's obvious that the current version of Chat GPT can be a useful tool for entry-level business owners looking for consultancy or simple bits of content. But we go forth!

What about specific areas?

As we know, Chat GPT works better with detailed requests, so I decided to ask about certain business areas: eLearning, Retail, and Logistics, in which UKAD has broad expertise and thus can bring these ideas to life once.

In each case, the bot told me that I should integrate it with the special software. Otherwise, it may lack the necessary data and return senseless results.

What the bot says about eLearning:

As an AI language model, I can be a valuable resource for eLearning businesses. Here's how I can contribute to your eLearning initiatives:

  • Content creation: I can help create engaging and informative course materials, lesson plans, quizzes, and assessments. By providing relevant and accurate information on various subjects, I can assist in developing comprehensive and high-quality eLearning content.
  • Course customization: I can tailor content to meet specific learning objectives, target audiences, and educational standards. Whether it's modifying existing courses or creating new ones, I can adapt the content to align with your eLearning business's requirements.
  • Automated grading and feedback: I can assist in automating the grading process for quizzes and assessments, providing immediate feedback to learners. This helps save time and enables learners to receive prompt evaluation and guidance.
  • Interactive simulations and scenarios: I can generate interactive scenarios or simulations to enhance the learning experience. By immersing learners in realistic situations, they can apply knowledge and skills, fostering active learning and practical understanding.
  • Language learning support: I can aid in teaching and practicing languages by generating sample sentences, vocabulary lists, grammar explanations, and interactive exercises. I can also simulate conversations and provide language-specific cultural information.
  • Intelligent tutoring: I can assist in creating virtual tutors or assistants that provide personalized guidance and support to learners. By analyzing individual progress, identifying knowledge gaps, and offering targeted recommendations, I can help enhance the learning journey.
  • Research assistance: I can provide access to a wide range of information, research papers, and reference materials to support learners and instructors in conducting research or exploring specific topics in-depth.
  • Translations and language support: I can help with language translations for multilingual eLearning platforms, assisting in reaching a broader audience and facilitating language learning in diverse contexts.

For logistics:

In the context of logistics, as an AI language model working under your management, I can assist you in various ways. Here are some examples:

  • Route optimization: I can analyze historical transportation data, including delivery routes, traffic patterns, and other relevant factors, to help optimize logistics routes. By considering variables such as distance, traffic congestion, and delivery time windows, I can provide recommendations to minimize delivery costs, improve efficiency, and reduce transit times.
  • Supply chain management: I can help monitor and analyze supply chain data, including inventory levels, supplier performance, demand forecasting, and lead times. This information can assist you in making informed decisions about procurement, production planning, and distribution, ensuring timely delivery and reducing inefficiencies.
  • Warehouse management: I can provide insights on warehouse operations, such as optimizing storage layouts, inventory management, and order picking processes. By analyzing data on product demand, order frequencies, and item locations, I can help streamline operations, minimize stockouts, and improve overall warehouse efficiency.
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring: With access to real-time data feeds, I can help track and monitor shipments, providing updates on delivery status, estimated arrival times, and potential delays. This information can help you proactively manage exceptions, communicate with customers, and address any issues that may arise during transit.
  • Demand forecasting: By analyzing historical sales data, market trends, and other relevant factors, I can assist in predicting future demand for products. This can aid in inventory planning, production scheduling, and optimizing resource allocation to meet customer demand effectively.
  • Risk management: I can help analyze data and identify potential risks in the logistics process, such as supply chain disruptions, weather events, or other external factors. By providing insights on potential risks and offering contingency plans, I can support your decision-making in mitigating and managing potential disruptions.

And for retail

If I were working in a retail setting as an AI language model, there are several ways I could assist you as a manager. Here are a few examples:

  • Customer support: I can handle customer inquiries, answer frequently asked questions, and provide support through various channels such as chatbots, email responses, or even voice assistants. This can help reduce the workload on your customer service team and improve response times.
  • Product recommendations: Based on customer preferences, purchase history, and other relevant data, I can generate personalized product recommendations. This can help increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance the overall shopping experience.
  • Inventory management: I can assist with inventory management by analyzing historical sales data, predicting demand patterns, and providing insights on stock replenishment and optimization. This can help you make informed decisions about inventory levels, reduce stockouts, and minimize excess inventory.
  • Pricing optimization: Using pricing data, competitor analysis, and market trends, I can provide insights and recommendations on pricing strategies. This can help optimize pricing to maximize revenue, attract customers, and maintain competitiveness in the market.
  • Sales analytics: By analyzing sales data, I can help identify trends, customer preferences, and factors influencing sales performance. This information can assist you in making data-driven decisions, optimizing marketing campaigns, and improving overall sales strategies.
  • Marketing and promotions: I can assist in generating marketing content, creating social media posts, writing email newsletters, and developing promotional campaigns. By leveraging data insights and understanding customer preferences, I can help tailor marketing efforts to effectively reach and engage your target audience.

As we can see, Chat GPT proposes an approach in which the data will be analyzed and then used to create custom content or forecasts, manipulate with prices and offers, or even compare goods in stock from time to time. It seems to be one step closer to becoming a game-changer if implemented in a project by the UKAD team.

The Enterprise Experience

The next obvious way to discover possibilities for business is to take a look at already existing implementations. So, we go to the website of OpenAI to look at case studies where we can find several curious examples.

It's quite expectable to find that almost every case study fits into the logic proposed by the bot but in a more sophisticated way. As soon as today OpenAI already provides GPT-4 for development needs, we see projects created with GPT-3 and GPT-4, the more recent version of this software that has more possibilities but isn't available in free ChatGPT now. But we can find something really impressive developed even with the earlier version. For example, OpenAI listed a service that uses GPT to generate unique scripts for video ads and a startup building NPC characters for games and other needs using text AI to make them truly unique.

As mentioned before, the functionality of GPT-4 stands beyond what we can find in ChatGPT, so projects developed with this technology provide more to users. For example, here we can find an application that is capable of improving the life quality of people with low vision by simply reading web pages and discovering surrounding objects and returning useful descriptions, even some recommendations. It's listed that users can take a photo of the fridge and know what they can cook using the available ingredients.

Another one is a well-known eLearning superstar, Duolinguo, used by millions to learn foreign languages. The spokesperson of the company said that engineering was quite a challenge even with GPT-3, not to mention other language-based AI, because teaching grammar requires a deep understanding of the error itself and its reasons through analyzing the text. So, using a new AI base improved the learning experience through the better explanation of exercises and increased overall involvement in the learning process. As well, GPT-4 improved the engineering process allowing developers to deliver new features faster.

For me, these case studies look very inspiring. Although they describe no absolutely unique implementations, we see another confirmation that language-processing AI is capable of improving any area of life where texts are present.

Our Vision

So, we had enough inspiring reading and are now ready to talk about our vision of GPT, primarily implemented into solutions. After some hours of discovery and a brainstorming session, I've got the following list of things we can do:

  1. GPT-powered shopping
  2. Proofreading and evaluation of essays for homeschooling and language courses
  3. AI-powered recruitment
  4. AI for travelers
  5. AI-generated unique content for eCommerce goods.

Now, let's describe each point!

GPT for shopping

It wouldn't be shocking news if someone already uses it because it is an idea of the real game-changer. Just imagine you open an app and ask it to order ingredients for a pizza, then answer two or three clarifying questions, and it returns with several already collected shopping carts. So, the only steps are picking the most suitable one, paying, and meeting the delivery man. Doesn't it sound comfy?

The opportunity of having a personal AI-powered shopping assistant may be useful for almost everyone: from people who are too busy for offline shopping to those who need to buy something specific without many hours of googling.   

Homeschooling AI

During the last few years, millions of teachers, students, and parents, as well, tested the capacity of modern homeschooling. Even now, when COVID finally finished, remote education is still a thing because there are lots of international courses and similar programs. As well, some students require tools for equal access to education due to their health or social conditions. Thus, there is a constant demand for solutions for remote education.

Having some experience in the area of education, I know that it's not a big deal to check out the tests, but any essay requires lots of time and attention. It's even harder when a teacher has to check tens of more or less similar writings, so the human factor can affect this process. In this situation, an unbiased, fast, and precious AI helper will be tremendously effective. Even without any additional learning, ChatGPT is very good at proofreading and evaluating texts, so it's capable of dealing with creative tasks and improving the quality of remote education.

AI-powered recruitment

Using GPT technologies, we can dramatically improve recruitment processes by simply passing the stage of candidates pre-screening to the AI. Automated analysis of CVs will reduce the time and effort required to find the best candidate, then a chatbot can ask a few questions to understand if every statement is true. And only after these steps, the recruitment team can book an interview. Sounds good, doesn't it?

GPT as a Great Planning Tourism

If ChatGPT can plan vacations for free, why not use it for commercial purposes? Implementation of this technology in a platform for booking hotels and routes can dramatically change the existing approach to tourism. Having excessive data on all the sights, beaches, mountains, nightclubs, and other places, this system should make fascinating vacations available for everyone. Just name the country and budget, or even ask it for the best options for your interests, like 'I want to spend a week on a seashore with a beautiful castle on top of the cliff', and grab your backpack.

AI for eCommerce management

If you work in an eCommerce company, you should know how boring and even painful it can be uploading new goods. SEO requirements state that every page should have unique metadata and useful text to be visible. It means somebody has to write them, spending many hours if we're talking about a big store with thousands of goods. As I've already checked, ChatGPT does its job when I ask it to write meta titles and descriptions, and it is also capable of writing some content with keywords and tone suggestions. So why not ask it to fill all fields, especially if GPT-4 can recognize and describe images? Within this approach, large stores should dramatically improve their spending on routines and get free hands to do something else, like better advertising or content creation.


As my humble discovery shows, GPT technologies can be not just a toy but a very useful instrument for almost any business. If the work has data to analyze and can process returned text, GPT can deal with it. So, I encourage you to bring your ideas to UKAD, where we can bring them to life!

As this article is only the first entry of the great cycle about GPT for business. We will discover how to use it for various industries, test the practical side, and carefully document all the results. So stay tuned with UKAD!

 Author: Artem Bezvesilnyi

 Marketing manager at UKAD

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