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Our engineering services

We create optimized solutions for full custom development projects or team extension, covering a wide range of modern software and IT services.

Web development


High-quality back-end development is a reliable mainstay for any web project. Stable and fast server performance provides required information delivery in response to users' requests. 


We know how to liven up any design by converting it into a clear and easily maintainable code line. Users require an inviting and responsive interface to interact with the utility of the website back-end.


Database software technologies allow to store of data in the form of structured fields, tables, and columns, which can then be retrieved directly and/or through programmatic access.

Mobile: IOS, Android


Hybrid mobile technologies are getting more popular owing to their cost- and time effectiveness. Ionic emulates native development creating iOS and Android app versions simultaneously.

React Native

The technology could build a mobile app that's indistinguishable from an app built using Swift or Java. React Native uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as iOS and Android apps.


Xamarin tools are widely used to write native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with native user interfaces and share code across multiple platforms, including Windows and macOS.


The traditional mobile development model requires separate development for each OS. But is beneficial with the widest opportunities for complex solutions.

Desktop development


Windows Presentation Foundation is used for building desktop Windows applications. It perfectly works with a wide variety of window sizes and data amounts.


The technology is used for building cross-platform desktop applications. Once built the application can be run on MacOS, Windows, and Linux operation systems.

As Slack, Skype, and VS Code.

  • Electron Staff Augmentation Services



We create custom and easily manageable content management systems based on Customer project goals. Regarding your company's needs, we are ready to offer free or paid solutions.


Your project digital data must be kept in a secure and trustworthy server space. We set up optimal cloud infrastructure and process the continuous integration model.


Web commerce requires special solutions featured with a safe and fast processing payment system, reliable alerts system, and simple purchase management. Our expertise in e-commerce technologies guarantees satisfaction for your buyers.

Quality Assurance

Automated testing

It strengthens the quality preventing appearing a regression in existing functionality. It reduces manual testing costs keeping the quality at a high level.

Manual testing

It is one of UKAD's best practices to ensure the quality of delivery. Quality Assurance Engineers validate new features to make sure they work according to functional requirements and no regression is introduced in existing functionality.

Our collaboration models

Every Client is special. We are ready to create a service model that meets the unique goals for your project. Or choose from the prepared options.

Digital Transform

Digital Transformation

You are an offline business owner who wants to expand the internet market. We help you to choose, create and launch the best digital solutions for a web presence.

Extend Customer Team

Extend Customer Team

You run an online business. Your project requires professional engineers to improve your application in collaboration with the in-house team.

Digital Partnership


You are a digital agency or a software development company. You have a great design and UX team but need technical experts to implement your ideas.

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