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For UKAD, every Client is special, therefore we combine unique solutions designed for each project with our time-proven frameworks

Ic Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We will create a tailor-made solution for you! Just share your ideas and watch how UKAD handles all the custom software development processes to add value to your business. Our Digital Transformation approach includes close communication with Client and implementation of all the existing outsourcing best practices to make delivery easy and bountiful for both sides.

Best for

Offline business owners who want to discover new opportunities and keep focused on the business, while the tech part is handled by our experts

Ic Coshoring

Staff Augmentation

We provide development team augmentation services that allow attracting skilled engineers to work in close collaboration with the Client's developers. UKAD gladly helps digital agencies and startups with the implementation of their great design concepts, testing coverage, deployment, and support. You can rely on our developers as well as on your own development team!

Best for

Digital agencies, startups, web studies and entrepreneurs who run IT-related projects, which are looking at a long-term partnership.

Digital transformation projects

There are a plenty of the projects in our portfolio, where we helped our clients with digital transformation

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    Img Ginza Preview

    Ginza: b2c e-Commerce

    Ginza is the oldest and famous online music shop in Sweden offering over 300 thousand records, devices and other goods. For over 7 years, we support their web store and update it with solutions for easy and productive management and marketing.

    Key features implemented:

    • Implementation of a modern and powerful database operating with over 300.000 products
    • AI-driven search based on individual suggestions helps users to navigate through the store
    • Built-in banner advertising
    • Workflow automation
    • Seamless integration with competitive payment methods stack
    View case study
  • Moblrn: microlearning app for employees

    Moblrn offers a smart and simple platform for creating micro training programs to improve the skills and knowledge of employees.

    Key features implemented:

    • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
    • Admind dashboard with CMS feautures
    • Individual programs and timelines
    View case study
    Img Moblrn Preview

Staff augmentation projects

There are a lot of projects in our portfolio, where we helped our clients with staff augmentation

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    ContentTap makes it easy to centrally manage, distribute and track web or mobile documents, images and videos via simple app.

    Key features implemented:

    • Uploading and managing files: documents, images and videos
    • Files usage analytics powered with Azure Power BI
    • Presenting from iPhone/iPad
    • Printing and physical copies distribution via the application
    • Azure Media Services utilization
    View case study
  • Co:tunity

    Co:tunity is a co-creation app made by Kairos Future that connects team members in real time to capture inspiration and build ideas.

    Key features implemented:

    • Improved application performance and reliability
    • Picking ideas from early drafts to business cases
    • Sharing, voting, and commenting on ideas
    • Idea Teams for co-creation of innovative products and services
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Any special conditions for large projects?

Outstaffing model:

  • Direct communication with the team
  • Your company values are adopted by the external members
  • Processes are aligned and integrated with your business
  • Deep understanding of your domain area and sharing your technical language

Project-based model:

  • Communication through the provider’s representative
  • Team knows your business only in the scope of the task
  • The development team isn’t involved in your business processes
  • Developers aren’t ought to understand your domain area

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The reliable reviews of our Partners both in digital transformation and staff augmentation projects may help you to make a decision and choose the most suitable approach

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