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East Capital Group


At UKAD, we had the pleasure of working with East Capital Group, an international financial company based in Sweden specializing in asset management and identifying attractive investment opportunities. East Capital Group comprises several companies, including East Capital, Espiria, Adrigo, and East Capital Real Estate.

East Capital Group faced significant challenges due to its reliance on multiple legacy web applications developed using different technologies and hosted on various platforms. This inconsistency hampered their ability to manage their web presence smoothly and efficiently. 

Based on strong references and our extensive experience working in the Swedish market, East Capital Group chose UKAD to streamline its operations by migrating all web applications to a single, unified platform. Despite the differing designs of these applications, their similar functionality provided a clear path for our proposed solution. We committed to developing a component-based solution, adhering to UKAD's best practices.

Employees of East Capital Group.


Our project began in early 2021 with a clear need to define project goals and the technical stack required to meet them. This assessment helped us build the project roadmap, gauge the scope of work and the necessary team composition. It included backend and front-end developers, a part-time tech lead, a project manager, and quality assurance specialists who worked closely with designers and the product owner.

East Capital Group's subsidiaries, including East Capital, Espiria, Adrigo, and East Capital Real Estate, were hosted on different CMS platforms (WordPress, Optimizely), leading to numerous difficulties. Content managers had to navigate multiple admin panels, each with different functionality and UI, which increased the time spent on content management.

Our challenge was to propose and implement a solution that would make the user experience seamless and user-centered while addressing the following needs:

  • Enable the creation of new pages and websites without developer involvement

  • Ease the reuse of content blocks across different web applications

  • Simplify the onboarding process for new content editors and managers unfamiliar with CMS systems

  • Easily integrate data from third-party sources

  • Simplify technical support to increase efficiency and reduce complexity

  • Decrease overall licensing and hosting costs

Services and Solutions

To address this, we developed a comprehensive solution that enables the creation of new websites and pages without developer involvement. We began by migrating all web applications to a single CMS platform, choosing Umbraco CMS for its flexibility and scalability. Our developers, proficient in .NET, leveraged their extensive experience with Umbraco to execute this migration. Specifically, we transitioned their system from Optimizely CMS and WordPress to Umbraco CMS, resulting in substantial license cost savings.

Our task included redeveloping the existing page block designs for all five websites. Despite their visual differences, the blocks shared similar functionality, enabling us to build a component library. Together with the implementation of UI themes, this library allows editors to use the same components across different web applications, significantly reducing development costs and time to publish content. 

The unified Umbraco admin panel enables editors to smoothly switch between brands, such as Espiria and Adrigo, thereby decreasing the onboarding time for new content editors.

We also centralized hosting on a single server within one ecosystem. Prioritizing security, scalability, flexibility, and availability, we selected Azure. Authentication was integrated with the company's Azure Active Directory, ensuring secure access control, and all web application services were hosted within the Azure ecosystem, enhancing security at the infrastructure level.

As an experienced Umbraco partner, UKAD provided top-notch Umbraco development services to ensure a smooth transition at every step of the process.

East Capital Group

Screenshot of the homepage on the East Capital Group website.

Espiria Homepage

Screenshot of the homepageon the Espiria website.

East Capital Real Estate

Screenshot of the homepage on the East Capital Real Estate website.

East Capital

Screenshot of the funds page on the East Capital website.

Adrigo Homepage

Screenshot of the insights page on the Adrigo website.

UKAD's approach to work and communication is truly impressive. They understand the client's needs and never act like just another vendor but seek the best solutions to add real value.


The UKAD team successfully met several key objectives and overcame numerous challenges. The main achievements of our collaboration with East Capital Group include:

  • Major license cost savings by migrating from Optimizely CMS to Umbraco CMS

  • Hosting Cost optimization by consolidating five platforms into one

  • Substantial development cost savings by sharing blocks and UI elements across five websites.

  • Reduced cost for the internal IT department to support one platform instead of five.

  • Time savings for content editors in creating pages and onboarding new editors.

  • Smooth integration of data from third-party sources.

A true indicator of successful collaboration is ongoing cooperation. Our partnership with East Capital Group, which began in 2021, continues to yield remarkable results for both parties.

Why Choose UKAD?

At UKAD, our commitment to delivering excellence is unwavering. Our extensive experience in the Swedish market and strong client references speak volumes about our capabilities. As a trusted Umbraco partner, we offer unparalleled Umbraco development services designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Our solutions are not just about meeting immediate requirements but adding long-term value. If you are looking to streamline your digital presence and achieve cost-effective, scalable solutions, UKAD is your ideal partner. Let's work together to transform your vision into reality.

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