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How projects benefit from DevOps?

Within years of software development, DevOps practices and toolsets became a valuable part of UKAD's culture

  • Ic Limited Time


    Increased deployment frequency, less time to market, faster recovery, and fixes - doesn't it sound great? Implementation of DevOps practices changes the entire development cycle making it really rapid, and adding more value to the projects

  • Ic Troubleshooting


    DevOps allows widely implementation of advanced monitoring and logging systems. Constant capturing and analyzing of data from applications and infrastructure provides valuable insights for user performance. When logging makes possible easy and safe experiments

  • Ic Infrastructure Support


    Better infrastructure provides better opportunities for growth and scaling. With a microservices architecture, testing automation, and the Continuous Delivery approach, it's easy to create a background to grow rapidly

  • Ic Security


    DevOps methods increase the predictability and maintainability of operational processes, decrease the failure rate of new releases, as well as implement automated testing and other practices associated with better security

DevOps services by UKAD

Ic Dedicated Dev 1

DevOps Consulting

Build a robust infrastructure and development lifecycle on your project with consulting services by UKAD. By involving our DevOps experts in your project, you get reliable and cost-effective support at any stage: from the small startup to the escalation of successful projects

Ic Coshoring

DevOps Outstaffing

When your project requires DevOps involvement, but the hiring of the full-time expert is too much, too slow, or too expensive, reach out to UKAD for assistance. Our team includes skilled DevOps engineers with broad related expertise, as well as we can hire persons who fulfill your requirements perfectly

Ic Performance Monitoring

UKAD Client Care

With our DevOps expertise, we established an advanced monitoring program to provide our Customers with favorable conditions for growth. We discovered the most common issues and began tracking them for all projects developed by UKAD


  • Ic Microsoft Partner Gold

    Gold Microsoft Partner

  • Ic Cloud

    Broad Cloud Expertise

  • Ic Automation

    Automation Experience

More Services by UKAD

Project Management

Project Management

Managed Delivery is an important part of our approach. To keep a high quality of products and comfortable communication, UKAD includes a Project Manager or simply PM in the development teams


Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance services are vital for the successful market launch of the product. During QA and testing, our skilled engineers find every bug and UX issue using both manual and automated approaches

Digitalize With Ukad

Digitalization Services

We have well-established development teams whose delivery isn't affected by the coronavirus, as well as any other crisis factors. With UKAD you will always get what you've expected!