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Industry — Automotive
Location — Swedish
  • eCommerce
  • Umbraco
  • React
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UKAD got a request on the development of the eCommerce website from a Swedish entrepreneur from the Automotive industry. He had been operating with an eCommerce website before, but it was outdated, complicated both to manage and use. So, the Customer required a more powerful instrument for better promotion, attraction, and engagement of his audience.

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Within this project, we got a request to pay as much attention as possible to the mobile version of the online store because the Customer underlined the necessity of this acquisition channel. We also understood how important is easy content management because the Customer would gladly save on another employee's salary. And, of course, as every eCommerce website, this one should be SEO-friendly, easy to navigate, and stylish.


Understanding the requirements, the UKAD team started the design and development of the website using their deep experience in eCommerce. As the product required easy content management and customization of the pages, we decided to use Umbraco because this CMS totally fulfills such requirements and it's familiar to our developers. The payment functionality is powered by Vendr and DIBS payments that provide top-tier security and comfort of the operations. As the Customer emphasized the importance of mobile traffic for his business, we paid more attention to this part and utilized React JS because it provides optimal efforts-results balance and performance.

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Our team built from two backend-, two frontend developers, and one QA engineer developed a robust, comfy, and stylish eCommerce website.

The web version was built as several sections:

  • the eCommerce part with various automobile accessories, checkout, and everything else
  • a form for the spare parts custom purchase and information requests
  • the toolset for a trailer custom configuration with additional goods and options
  • informational pages dedicated to military vehicles and automotive telematics
  • blog pages about the company's goods.

As we decided to use Umbraco, content management doesn't require any special skills and efforts, including creating or changing custom pages. It also makes the website adjustable and allows adding new functionality easily and really fast.

In addition, we developed an admin dashboard that collects all the data about goods, orders, and sales to let managers operate with such information with an only toolset. This approach provides effective management without any additional software.

Today, the updated Westbay shop has started operating and providing benefits both to the Customer and his shoppers. The UKAD team keeps polishing this system and provides maintenance. After release, the project was featured as a Vendr case study.

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