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Industry — Charity and Social Services
Location — Sweden
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We got a request on development by a startup from Sweden with quite a unique platform providing a toolset for running charity campaigns. Within this platform, it's easy to grow awareness, launch promotional events and, of course, collect donations — from 100 SEK to the real enterprise level.





In comparison to other UKAD's projects, this one should be a bit boring, because it required only a web platform instead of fancy applications or so. But it's only at first glance! As soon as the Customer had a vision of a web-based, we decided to adhere to it and utilize our best practices of enterprise web development. So, we got an impressive example of what can be done using Umbraco, React, some integrations, and a hint of creativity!

There also was a point to keep in mind. As soon as the older website already got some valuable content, we were ought to transfer and integrate it into the new layout, saving as much information as possible.


As mentioned before, the project is totally web-based and consists only of the website. We decided to use Umbraco as a CMS because it's content manager-friendly and widely utilized by UKAD developers.

Working on this project, we had to develop it even not from scratch but as an idea solely, because TargerAid offers quite unique services thus there is nothing similar around the web. Even the closest competitors significantly differ and provide no insightful references. 

The architecture of the web portal allows meeting the requirements of all sides: NGOs, companies, sports associations, fundraisers, etc. So, there are several types of pages, to split the content into clear and useful parts. Such an approach is visitor-friendly and SEO effective, and equally cozy for content managers.

Providing a strong and clear structure of published content, TargetAid also goes with 4 user types each of which has two subscriptions:

  • Company
  • NGO
  • Sport Association
  • Peer Fundraiser.

Users and organizations don’t need any special skills to manage their projects and pages. Within Edit Mode, it requires neither tech skills nor admins' help from the Target Aid side and is as simple as using Umbraco for your website content management.

With Edit Mode, it's easy to set up accounts to achieve goals faster. The 'Area of Interests' tab is used to pick the UN Goals. Then, there are available charity themes, like Education or Environment, and sports to support. With all these settings, the algorithm matches you with causes and users with mutual interests.

The next stop is numerous modules that make the engagement better. For example, the 'Latest donations' module displays incoming donations and messages from donors on the profile page to show how the campaign performs. The rest of the modules are designed to provide many unique options for the creation of effective charity campaigns through excessive content management:

  • creating projects, events, and fundraisers - companies or individuals collecting donations - to collect donations
  • creating 'Stories' - articles for a better understanding of the problems - and 'Voices' - quotes and messages from persons behind the scene
  • setting and managing KPIs: the UN goals, Impact distribution, the performance of donations, events, and stories.

And the last one is the 'About Us' page where content managers can put any information required to describe the fundraiser. Roughly speaking, it works as an ordinary website CMS but within TargetAid, so any special skills or learning aren't necessary for starting work.

As soon as Target Aid provides a wide broad of opportunities for charity, we've implemented a unique 'Explore page' that consolidates all the activities. There it's easy to find almost every charity activity to support, from sports for youth to environmental activities in Africa. But it also requires additional tools to prevent mess. Thus, we've developed two filters — by content and by users.

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As UKAD's team of 3 backend and 2 frontend developers, along with a QA engineer, a UI/UX designer and the project manager, delivered the new platform, including extra stages like:

  • transferring content from the old website without losses
  • multilingualism with a possibility to add languages
  • multi-currency support.

Today, the brand new platform is gone live, but supported and updated by UKAD. Now, the platform expanding its operations from Sweden to Norway. And we hope TargetAid will become the world's first charity platform very soon, of course with our help!




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