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Improve Educations is a dynamic startup from Sweden, comprising 32 specialists in training, health, education, and IT. Together, they produce online-based educations in exercise, nutrition, and health. Seeking to create a modern, engaging, and insightful learning experience, the founder of Improve Educations chose UKAD due to our proven experience in developing eLearning systems based on Umbraco. Our task was to develop a system to support their business of online learning.

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The project presented several challenges:

  • User-Friendly Content Management: The platform needed to allow content management without requiring strong technical skills.
  • Multi-Tier User Access: Different levels of access were necessary for various types of users, including managers and third-party companies.
  • Certification Tools: Built-in tools were required for course certification.
  • Course Sales: The platform needed to support third-party companies selling courses.
  • Performance and Reliability: Ensuring perfect performance, good speed, and uptime was vital for the success of the eLearning project.


Leveraging our expertise in eLearning technologies and as an official Umbraco Partner, we developed a stylish, modern, and powerful eLearning platform. Key features of the platform include:

  • User Dashboard: Courses are divided into chapters with integrated certificates.
  • Course Exams: Users can take exams within the platform.
  • Video Lessons: Lessons are accompanied by transcriptions for better understanding.
  • Certificate Generation: PDF templates are used for generating certificates with unique user IDs.
  • Built-In Email Distribution: Automated email notifications and updates.
  • Secure Access: Users can access courses via special URLs with unique tokens.
  • Manager Access: Dedicated access for managers to oversee the platform.
  • Klarna Payment System: Integrated payment system for seamless transactions.

Additionally, the platform supports branding for third-party companies, allowing partners to customize their profiles with their brand colors, images, and fonts. The use of Umbraco as the content platform ensures that the solution does not require developers for customization, as content managers can perform most UI changes in a few clicks.

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The eLearning platform developed by UKAD for Improve Educations has proven to be a robust and flexible solution. Key achievements include:

  • Ease of Use: The platform's user-friendly interface allows for easy management of educational content.
  • Scalable Access: Different levels of access for users and third-party companies enable a versatile learning environment.
  • Efficient Certification: Built-in tools streamline the certification process.
  • Marketplace Functionality: Third-party companies can effectively sell courses through the platform.
  • Reliable Performance: The platform delivers excellent speed and uptime, critical for eLearning projects.

The implementation of the Umbraco theme has further enhanced the platform's usability, allowing content managers to make changes without needing developer assistance. This flexibility and ease of customization have significantly contributed to the platform's success.

By developing this comprehensive eLearning platform, UKAD has demonstrated its capability in building advanced eLearning systems and reinforcing its position as a reliable Umbraco development partner.

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