UKAD is Optimizely Solution Partner

UKAD is Optimizely Solution Partner

UKAD Aligns Project Experience and Platform Expertise for Optimizely Digital Experience Cloud Customers

We are proud to announce that UKAD has successfully completed a rigorous certification process to earn the Bronze Solution Partner status in Optimizely’s Partner Success Program. This achievement positions us as a qualified, value-added seller of the Optimizely Digital Experience Cloud™ platform.

The Optimizely Digital Experience Cloud facilitates seamless experiences across digital content, commerce, and multi-channel marketing, offering real-time personalization capabilities. By leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical analysis, the platform empowers business users – from marketers to merchandisers – to effortlessly deliver contextually relevant experiences tailored to individual users based on their history and intent.

This automatic personalization extends to various elements, including website navigation, on-site search, product pages, and content. Both first-time visitors and repeat customers benefit from these customized interactions, leading to lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, and increased customer satisfaction.

Partnering with Optimizely allows UKAD to deliver unparalleled digital marketing expertise, ensuring transformative online projects that exceed client expectations.

Optimizely’s network encompasses over 880 partner companies across 30 countries. The company seeks to collaborate with partners who bring extensive experience, a creative outlook, global reach, and a focus on future opportunities. This collective expertise ensures that mutual customers achieve success both now and in the future.

“Partner success is Optimizely success, and our impressive network of Associate Partners in the Optimizely Partner Success Program is delivering remarkable results,” said Karen Chastain, Director of Global Alliances and Partners for Optimizely. “Optimizely is experiencing record growth in revenue, billings, subscriptions, and market position, which explains the concurrent expansion of our partner network. We are delighted to welcome UKAD to our network and anticipate mutual success in delivering transformative digital experiences with reduced time to market, minimized project risks, and lower training costs.”

UKAD’s partnership with Optimizely is part of our broader strategy to align with leading technology providers. We are also proud partners of Microsoft and Umbraco, continuously seeking new opportunities to benefit our clients.

Explore our Optimizely development services to see how we can help you achieve your digital experience goals. If you are in Seattle and looking for top-tier computer software application services, UKAD is your ideal partner.

Join us on this exciting journey and transform your digital presence with UKAD and Optimizely!

 Author: Daria Rolina


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