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UKAD is Optimizely Solution Partner

UKAD is Optimizely Solution Partner

UKAD Aligns Project Experience and Platform Expertise for Optimizely (Episerver earlier) Digital Experience Cloud Customers.

We completed a thorough certification process to earn the Bronze Solution Partner status in Optimizely’s Partner Success Program and to join as a qualified, value-add seller of Optimizely Digital Experience Cloud™ platform.

Optimizely Digital Experience Cloud enables seamless experiences that span digital content, commerce and multi-channel marketing, as well as real-time personalization. With machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistical analysis working together, every business user – from marketers to merchandizers – can effortlessly present contextually relevant experiences to individuals based on their history and intent.

By automatically personalizing elements such as website navigation, on-site search, product pages and content to both first-time visitors and repeat customers, companies can see lower bounce rates, more conversions and happier customers. 

“UKAD is proud to partner with Optimizely to provide digital marketing expertise to ensure a first-class delivery of transformative online projects,” said Denis Maksymenko, the company' CEO. 

With a network of over 880 partner companies in 30 countries, Optimizely seeks to connect with qualified partners whose firms possess a wealth of experience, team members with a creative outlook, global reach, and a collective eye toward future opportunities to ensure mutual customers are successful now and in the years to come.  

“Partner success is Optimizely success, and our impressive network of Associate Partners in the Optimizely Partner Success Program is delivering in spades, “ said Karen Chastain, Director of Global Alliances and Partners for Optimizely. “Optimizely is experiencing record year-over-year growth in revenue, billings, subscriptions and market-leading position, making it easy to understand why the partner network is growing in tandem.  We are pleased to welcome UKAD to our network and look forward to our mutual success of delivering transformative digital experiences with decreased time to market, minimized project risks and lower training costs.”

It's not the only perspective partnership of UKAD! We're also Microsoft and Umbraco Partners, as well. And always looking for new opportunities for us and our Customers.

If you're looking for Computer Software Application Svc Prvdrs in Kirkland try UKAD!

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