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Industry — Education
Location — Sweden
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Moblrn offers a smart and simple platform for creating individual training programs to improve the skills and knowledge of employees.

The platform was launched in 2016 and is tailor-made for education using smartphones. It is optimized for microlearning, a modern training method based on insights regarding effective learning. Basically, micro-learning is all about serving the employees bite-sized content over time and on a regular basis. It’s effective for on-boarding-programs, product information, sales- and management training, and more.

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In order to successfully launch their microlearning startup, Moblrn set the list of the following challenges to UKAD dedicated team:

  • Form the solution to apply microlearning culture in companies;
  • Build an introduction website;
  • Create iOS and Android applications;
  • Create a CMS platform that allows creating of custom e-learning programs;


We designed two main digital products to embody the Clients' project idea: a mobile application (iOS and Android development) and an admin CMS (Node.js development technologies).

Key Features in App:

  • Participants enter the app with a login;
  • Participates are notified when new content/interactions are available in-app;
  • Interactions can be a combination of challenges, tips, questions, self-evaluations, and rewards;
  • Participants can see their progress and collect points;
  • Participants can access sections with static content;

Key Features in Admin:

  • Register a client;
  • Register a program;
  • Distribute sub-admin to a client;
  • A set timeline for user interactions;
  • A timeline can be set for a program (all participants gets content at the same time);
  • TA timeline can be set on an individual level (your timeline starts after logging in for the first time); 
  • Multiple options for content creation (text, photo, film, links, different type of questions and answers);
  • Statistics;
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Intro website

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Pricing page
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Cases page
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iOS application

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UKAD software house successfully created the digital products that allow Client to launch and run the eLearning platform following the estimated time and cost scope.

The promising idea of Moblrn turned into a popular and profitable eLearning project.  

For more than four years of close partnership UKAD development team was supporting the platform and updating it based on the Clients' requirements and users' needs.

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