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Moblrn is a Swedish Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, offering a combined learning and communication app. Founded in 2015, Moblrn collaborates with companies and enterprises in more than 35 countries globally, reaching remote target groups through mobile technology. The platform is utilized across various sectors, including product businesses, retailers, and logistics companies, all of which have a common goal of engaging with a desk-less and remote workforce.

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To successfully launch their microlearning startup, Moblrn identified several key challenges for the UKAD dedicated team:

  • Develop a solution that applies microlearning culture within companies.
  • Build an introductory website.
  • Create iOS and Android applications.
  • Develop a CMS platform that allows for the creation of custom e-learning programs.


UKAD designed and developed two main digital products to bring Moblrn's vision to life: a mobile application (iOS and Android) and an admin CMS (Node.js). The platform is hosted on AWS, leveraging our expertise in creating robust and scalable solutions in the cloud.

Moblrn chose UKAD software house due to our extensive experience working in the Swedish market, ensuring that we understood the local business culture and market demands.

Key Features in the Mobile App:

  • Participants enter the app with a login.
  • Notifications alert participants when new content or interactions are available.
  • Interactions include a combination of challenges, tips, questions, self-evaluations, and rewards.
  • Participants can track their progress and collect points.
  • Access to static content sections is available for participants.

Key Features in the Admin CMS:

  • Client registration capabilities.
  • Program registration functionalities.
  • Sub-admin distribution to clients.
  • Timeline settings for user interactions.
  • Program-level timeline settings (all participants receive content simultaneously).
  • Individual-level timeline settings (personalized timelines starting from the first login).
  • Multiple content creation options (text, photo, video, links, various types of questions and answers).
  • Comprehensive statistics for tracking progress and engagement.
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Moblrn’s platform, hosted in AWS, has successfully supported over 35 countries in reaching their remote workforces. The use of Node.js for the CMS and our mobile development expertise in creating intuitive iOS and Android applications have been pivotal. Our deep experience in developing complex SaaS platforms within the eLearning domain ensured that Moblrn’s solution was not only functional but also scalable and reliable. The platform’s microlearning approach has proven to be effective for onboarding programs, product information dissemination, and sales and management training.

Moblrn continues to grow and evolve, benefiting from UKAD’s ongoing support and expertise in cloud hosting and mobile application development.

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