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Industry — Healthcare
Location — United Kingdom
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This project started with the request by one of the leading dental groups in the UK with multiple practices and numerous employees. The Customer required optimization of personnel, finances, and day to day tasks to ensure growth and new partnerships with other dental clinics.

Besides treating the patients, dental clinics have a surprisingly large amount of side work. They have to maintain equipment, check fire extinguishers, order syringes, and hundreds of more tasks daily. And when a company has numerous employees with uncertain responsibilities, the management becomes a tedious job. The Customer used to handle most of their operations in spreadsheets with lots of rules to be followed and things to remember. None of the box solutions on the market was feasible to tailor for business needs. So, we've designed and developed an application to automate the processes as much as possible, letting people focus on the actual work.

Dental Clinic


UKAD got challenged to design and develop a complex solution witch may include human resource management and stocking features at one place with flexible permissions and multi-tier access.

First and foremost, we had to develop an engine that generates tasks for employees with many options to set the right time: daily, weekly, monthly, and so forth. The system also required a possibility to cherry-pick specific assignees or push tasks to a large group of users, as well as to control if someone could receive it. Then, the solution requires a system of Supervision and Appraisal to let managers look after their subordinates, mark the most urgent tasks, and rate them.

As soon as a schedule is vital for human resource management, the solution should include calendar features. While the Customer operates more than one clinic, the scheduling may affect not only employees but also locations. Finally, stock management tools were required to maintain levels of medical supplies in clinics.


After 25 weeks the team, which is built by UKAD from two back-end and two front-end developers, one QA engineer and the designer, developed the custom management platform.

We introduced within the platform a tasks management tool with the next features:

  • group and personal tasks arranging
  • employees availability display
  • result assessment with automated negative scoring of failed tasks
  • discussions inside the task cards inspired by Trello.

The scheduling is solved as a calendar of employees over their working locations. With such a map administrators can easily have an overview of their human resources. Staff can move between clinics or surgeries, assigned to different roles by granular or bulk actions.

Financial operations are carried out by the client with the Xero accounting app. We integrated with that service in order to show the numbers in the relevant context. On top of that, we built a budgeting function which allows at a glance to spot the overspending by certain clinics.

Last but not least, all of the functionality provided using flexible permissions. Administrators of the app create roles of any level access and give any specific privileges in a few clicks.

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"They have a broad range of skills that allow them to handle any and all aspects of the project."

Director, Healthcare Technology Company Bolton, United Kingdom


Now, our customer started onboarding the staff onto the app. Of course, it takes time for people to get used to the new way of things. They are learning, and so do we. There are big plans for the app, and we’re ready to engage.

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