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Industry — Apartment Rent
Location — Sweden
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ApartDirect is a family-owned company that was founded in Stockholm in 2012.

It offers not only 8 apartment hotels in popular locations in Stockholm, Linköping, and Gothenburg, but also apartments for short-term rent and a range of corporate apartments for long-term agreements.

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By the time of the request, ApartDirect already ran their digital business successfully, but they set a list of new goals to widen their project marketing impact. The Customer required new digital solutions to meet them.

After a primary discussion with UKAD, they specified their view into a scope of challenges for our software team:

Facelift of an existing website with a new design, in order to meet up-to-date digital standards:

  • Increase website usability;
  • Add mobile website version;
  • Update CMS system;
  • Search Engine Optimisation solutions;

Upgrade website functionality:

  • FAQ section;
  • Live support chat;
  • Booking for business clients option;
  • Add English website domain;

Collaboration with a Customer was an ultimate experience and great teamwork. A family of company owners proactively participated in the process of creating new design sketches as they wanted to shape the new digital look of the project to reflect their philosophy, view, and company values in the best way. It was a creative and challenging task to design a layout from handwriting wireframes, but both the UKAD development team and the Clients contributed the best of their efforts and enjoyed the work.


This project was also special for us because it was our first project using Umbraco Cloud Service (SaaS). We found the technology quite helpful and beneficial for both users and developers,

  • It is comfortable to move and transfer content and website structure from the local environment to live and back;
  • All functionality is available out of the box. A third-party plugin is not required to transfer changes;

Our development team also created:

  • Seo-semantic mark-up;
  • Added a second website language version on a separate domain;
  • Multiplied the link weight;
  • Seo-integration with social networks;
  • Increased website performance;
  • Added reviews section;

Desktop Version

Home page
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List of available hotels
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Hotel page
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Mobile Version

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UKAD software team handled the Customer's requirements. Fruitful work and productive collaboration helped us to achieve the best result and meet time and budget estimations.

Digital partnership with UKAD helped  ApartDirect project to increase their sales, customer loyalty and market coverage.

After a successful project release, our collaboration continues, as the UKAD development team provides technical support for ApartDirect applications.

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