UKAD’s CEO Denis Maksymenko Is Rolling out a Brighter Future by Embracing New Technologies & Delivering Robust Business Solutions: GoodFirms

UKAD’s CEO Denis Maksymenko Is Rolling out a Brighter Future by Embracing New Technologies & Delivering Robust Business Solutions: GoodFirms

Incepted in 2005, UKAD is based in Sheffield, England. It is an outsourcing software development business, owning its R&D and engineering teams based in Ukraine and Poland. Further, UKAD consists of professionals proficient in their respective areas so as to provide the clients with a full range of IT services.

Since its inception, UKAD has been endeavoring to provide innovative IT solutions and services for clients of different verticals and regions. The company has on board 150 expert-level software engineers who have so far curated an impressive portfolio of 300+ projects.

Moreover, the autogenous team of developers has successfully grown from a humble garage startup into a great IT company with purchasers from Western Europe, Scandinavia, UK, and the US. The professionals at UKAD provide to the clients with services like - web development, mobile app development, UI/UX research, Content Management Systems, ecommerce solutions, Real Estate systems, Micro learning solutions, and a few others.

“My role in UKAD is quite similar to the CEOs in other tech companies, but I also take part in some projects as Project Manager,” says Denis Maksymenko at the start of the interview with GoodFirms. UKAD teams up with various companies around the globe to deliver its services. It deals with the web industry. “We work with the leading web companies worldwide,” Denis explains. The professionals at UKAD cater to the clients of different verticals like in Healthcare, E-commerce, Finance, Travel, and Education solutions.

Continuing with the interview, Denis mentions two of the most demanding services accouched by the company - web and ecommerce development services. At UKAD, the expert web developers' team is well-versed with different tools and technologies, and frameworks like - ASP.NET, Azure, Episerver, Umbraco, Angular, Vue.JS, React, Node.JS, Ionic, and a few others. The group devises optimized solutions for full custom development projects or extension units of the clients' business.

Furthermore, UKAD's team of experts provides business people with high-quality backend development services. They offer stable and fast server performance that furnishes the required information transmission in response to users' requests.

Apart from this, the team is well-acquainted with the designing process and converting it into a transparent and easily manageable code line. Moreover, they also support the clients to store data in the form of structured plots, tables, and columns that can be regained directly through programmatic access. Hence, backed by a unit of qualified and knowledgeable developers, UKAD gets dubbed as one of the top web development companies in Washington at GoodFirms.

The review and the scorecard achieved at GoodFirms is the proof of the quality service offering purveyed by the web developers at UKAD.


Talking about e-Commerce, Denis elucidated that UKAD has no strict preferences. "Our e-Commerce projects include one of the biggest multimedia stores in Sweden, as well as a solution for an enterprise furniture supplier operating in 19 countries," says Denis. At UKAD, the designers and developers hold adequate knowledge and skills to develop an ecommerce site and provide professional services to the patrons! In order to equip buyers with the best ecommerce solutions, the developers' group is preparing and following everyday topics linked with technology, the latest trends, and perceptions from the market.

With years of experience producing websites for SME Companies, the ecommerce developers deliver customized WordPress & Joomla Websites. The team will give an exquisite and user-friendly shape to clients' websites with visual elements that evoke "Wow Factor."

Moreover, with significant design and development techniques, the ecommerce developers present the best shopping experience to the patrons. Thus, having adequate expertise in handling the problems of ecommerce businesses has led the firm to be one of the top ecommerce development companies in Poland amongst the listed ones at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below is reflecting the quality of the ecommerce websites developed at UKAD.

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