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Lara is an innovative toolset designed to facilitate installment payments for medical services providers. It was launched by one of Brazil's most forward-thinking Fintech companies.

UKAD was engaged at the inception of this project, tasked with transforming a mere concept into a fully functional product. Over a span of six months, our team was integral to every stage of development, from initial business analysis to final deployment.

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UKAD faced the challenge of designing and developing cutting-edge Fintech software aimed at simplifying installment payments for medical services. The primary goal was to ensure the process was user-friendly for patients and secure for clinics. The application needed to achieve two critical functions: collecting users' agreements and ensuring their creditworthiness.

Collecting user agreements was straightforward, requiring the presentation of detailed terms and conditions in an easy-to-consent format. Ensuring creditworthiness, however, was a more complex task, necessitating the creation and processing of vast amounts of data swiftly to maintain user appeal and competitiveness against traditional financial software.


Our approach began with comprehensive business analysis to understand the client's vision, market requirements, and technical constraints. This analysis was crucial in shaping the product's features and functionality. We then moved to develop a Proof of Concept (POC) to validate our approach and ensure feasibility before full-scale development.

Following extensive research and POC validation, our team devised a simple yet elegant solution, leveraging our expertise in Node.js and AWS to develop the product in two main components:

  1. API Development: We created a robust API using Node.js, capable of handling and processing large volumes of data efficiently. This API integrates seamlessly with popular open banking services in Brazil, including Quod, BMP Money Plus, Asaas, and Boa Vista. This integration enables rapid data retrieval and processing, tasks that would traditionally take hours or days, in mere moments. The API is built to meet stringent security standards, ensuring the safety of sensitive banking data.

  2. User Interface and Dashboard: We designed a user-friendly UI that facilitates easy contract agreement for applicants. Additionally, we developed a comprehensive dashboard that allows operators to access extensive statistics for management, bookkeeping, and other administrative functions.

The use of AWS further enhanced the solution by providing scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure, ensuring high availability and performance. AWS services were utilized for data storage, processing, and security, enabling the application to handle large-scale operations smoothly.

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"We never had any issue affecting the development flow and always felt powered by top-notch developers. Because of the nature of their work, the company, unfortunately, cannot share many specifics on their project. But they can say that thanks to the efforts of the UKAD team, they have the potential of becoming one of the biggest financial services companies in the country."

CEO, Lara


In just six months, our dedicated team of three successfully developed and launched a state-of-the-art Fintech software product. Today, this product is not only operational but also thriving in the Brazilian market, demonstrating the power of innovative technology and our team's proficiency in Node.js, AWS, business analysis, and POC development.

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