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Industry — Fintech
Location — Brazil
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Lara is a unique toolset for installments targeting mostly medical services providers launched by one of the most innovative Fintech companies in Brazil.

UKAD got a request for development at the very beginning of this project when creators got only a conception of the product. Thus, our team took part in every stage of development which took around 6 months of work

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UKAD got a challenge to take part in the design and development of innovative Fintech software. The product's main idea is to make installment payments for medical services at the same time easy for patients and safe for clinics. Within this approach, the application has to perform two actions: collecting users' agreements and ensuring creditworthiness.

With the user's agreements, there is no rocket science. We have to display the excessive data with all the terms and conditions in a form that allows an active agreement. While ensuring creditworthiness is a more complex process that requires a huge amount of data to be created and processed. To be really comfortable for both parties, it also requires very fast processing otherwise this product should be less attractive in comparison to more common financial software.


After the research, our team designed a simple but elegant solution. We developed the product as two large parts. First, here is an API that is used to find and process lots of data. It's integrated with all the popular open banking services in Brazil, that provides comprehensive information about any banking account. The list of integrations includes such services as Quod, BMP Money Plus, Asaas, and Boa Vista.

Using this API, it's easy to perform in a moment the amount of work that requires several hours or even days with the traditional banking approach. As soon as data is collected and processed without human involvement, this software meets all the security requirements for banking services. It also doesn't require strong knowledge both in financial and technical areas, so operators need no special personnel or training to use it.

For the applier's side, we have a comfortable UI that allows using a standard contract with all the agreements. The solution also has a dashboard where operators can get excessive statistics for management, bookkeeping, and so on.

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After 6 months since the start of the project, our team consisting of three persons developed a brilliant Fintech software product. Today, this product was released and successfully monetized on the Brazilian market.

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