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Umbraco Pros and Cons

Umbraco Pros and Cons

Considering Umbraco for a new project you might want to know, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the potential web platform. And if the choice of Umbraco it is the right decision. Here we will try to share our view about Umbraco pros and cons.

Umbraco Pros

Cloud Hosting from Umbraco

Hosting infrastructure is provided by Umbraco and it has good value relatively its cost. It is based on Microsoft Azure Technology stack and implements security, availability and robustness. Note it is possible to host Umbraco on Dedicated server or Azure Web App Service however you won’t get such features as Automatic Updates out of the box.

Automatic Updates

Hosting applications in Umbraco Cloud you get an option to update Umbraco to the latest version out of the box.

Content Edition Flow

Umbraco Cloud provides advanced content flow. Content can be prepared and validated separately. When it 100% ready editor can publish it.

Sensitive data and GDPR support

For security reasons, personal data can be marked as sensitive, so access to it will be limited.  

Reliable Security

Since 2005 only a few security treats were founded in the platform.

The good thing about Umbraco is after a threat is identified, patches are also released for older versions.

Users Management

There are several roles (administrator, writer, editor and translator) with predefined access policies. Roles can be easily configured and assigned.

Search Engine Embedded

Umbraco contains Lucene based embedded search engine out of the box.

Scandinavian Standards

Scandinavian quality standards are well-known globally. The product was created and is actively supported by a Danish company, so you may expect the top tier of reliability and performance.

Community Support

Umbraco community is called the friendliest community in the world. 200000 Umbraco practitioners are ready to help and are involved in continuous platform improvements. It's based on the Forum, which can be used both to find an advice or share your achievement and to take a part in another project. Try to visit it!

Premium Support

In case you are an enterprise-level customer and need confidence, Umbraco offers Premium support.

Developer Friendly

Product is developer friendly and easy to customize, so it is commonly selected by developers and solution architects as a platform.


Umbraco shows a good level of performance out of the box. But if it's not enough for you, it's easy to find a way in which it could be improved. We've already described our experience in boosting Umbraco performance, but you may find your own way to make it faster.

Open sourced

It has a long story in the world of open source since 2005 when version 2 was open sourced. In addition, Umbraco is FREE. It can be installed and used without any hidden charges. So, it provides 

Umbraco Cons


There are not many plugins available. Indeed Umbraco 8 has made a step towards plugins development so the situation can be changed soon.


It is one of the most popular CMS in the .NET world but it is much less popular than WordPress.


While choosing a Content Management System, pick up on Umbraco. This open-sourced danish CMS platform is free, reliable, secure and easy to customize.

Advice: consider to find an experienced vendor. The CMS is very flexible and editorial flow success highly depends on a professional implementation.

Aexander Razvalinov

  Author: Alexander Razvalinov




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