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Re-developing React Native app with Ionic and Vue.js

Re-developing React Native app with Ionic and Vue.js

Re-developing React Native app with Ionic and Vue.js

This article aims to present an innovative approach to curbing the expenses associated with maintaining and enhancing outdated applications. As we are all aware, the regular update of mobile applications plays a pivotal role in their lifecycle. This practice not only maintains market relevance but also facilitates the integration of new features, ultimately enhancing financial performance. When the time comes for a much-needed update to your service, consider this strategy for potential improvement.

With a focus not solely on technical aspects but also on business value, our expertise lies in the seamless replacement of individual mobile applications and websites with the potency of Ionic Vue.js solutions. This innovative approach effectively addresses the age-old challenge of optimizing management costs while concurrently running a website and an app. Let's delve deeper into this solution.

Why not React Native?

React Native undeniably boasts remarkable capabilities, especially in achieving commendable mobile device performance. Yet, like any solution, it brings forth challenges - particularly concerning support and management. The need for additional efforts emerges due to the dual presence of an application and a website within your project. While sometimes this duality is financially feasible, other times it proves to be a hurdle.

React Native offers an elevated approach to constructing business logic. This approach enables seamless sharing between Android and iOS platforms, along with extensive utilization of devices' components through plugins. The result? Applications that not only perform well but do so exceptionally. However, it's crucial to acknowledge the presence of a few caveats. Crafting separate layouts for each platform can be a hurdle, and some developers have encountered issues in their journey.

Here's a point to remember: the scope of our discussion doesn't encompass intricate applications that extensively utilize devices' components such as cameras or Bluetooth. These, like photo editors or augmented reality games, are masterpieces assembled with native development tools. Our focus is exclusively on applications exhibiting content meant for promotional or similar purposes.

Why Ionic Vue.JS?

Let's delve into why we advocate for this distinctive solution. The driving force behind this choice is multifold, with financial efficiency being a pivotal aspect. As previously highlighted, UKAD places emphasis not just on the technical facet but also on financial prudence.

In this context, our approach takes a departure from the React Native path. Building upon an existing mobile-friendly website (which we hope is in place), we opt for code reuse instead of creating anew. This strategy capitalizes on existing resources, a smart cost-saving move.

Now, let's explore the rationale behind leveraging Ionic and Vue.js. This tech stack offers a multitude of benefits, primarily enabling the development of true cross-platform applications from a single codebase. Ionic amplifies our capabilities by facilitating app creation for Android, iOS, desktop, and even as Progressive Web Apps if the need arises. For projects of this nature, our arsenal consists of familiar tools – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This simplicity ensures that developers can navigate the landscape with ease. Furthermore, the approach is even more advantageous for websites hinged on Content Management Systems (CMS). Here, we can seamlessly extract HTML without necessitating any intricate adaptations. This synergy of tools and strategy assures not only efficiency but also a smart financial outlook.

NB! Such an approach is useful not only with Vue but also with Angular, as well. It depends on the available developers and the initial conditions, and easy to implement on various projects.

At an initial glance, the benefits shine brilliantly.

Leveraging extensive code sharing, we unlock a realm of incredible development speed, retaining all design elements. This translates to agile prototyping, swift adaptations, and a shorter time-to-market. It also serves as a prudent approach to gauging the necessity of an application for your business. If the application proves its mettle, you're primed to enhance it further. Alternatively, the transition to a Progressive Web App (PWA) is seamless, or it can be regarded as an investment in market research. What's more, a single individual proficient in both website and application development can spearhead the project, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Yet, the canvas isn't without its nuanced brushstrokes. This approach is most fitting for lightweight applications devoid of intricate features. Given that a substantial portion of business apps primarily fetch content from servers, this strategy thrives. Nevertheless, it's important to bear in mind that Ionic may encounter hurdles with performance and native components. Therefore, while you shouldn't anticipate 120 FPS or seamless camera integration, and certain limitations in App Store placement, it's worth noting that crafting your very own Pokémon GO requires native development.

Let's sum it up!

On start, we have an outdated React Native application to be updated or even replaced. Regarding issues to solve, there are three ways. First, keep it based on React Native and just update, add more features or so. It is not very cost-effective and does not necessarily mean any dramatic updates, but do you really need them? Or utilize modern gadgets' features with native applications once you are ready to pay for development and support of separate apps for each platform.

And the last one, drop some technical features to win in finance. It also could be an opportunity! If you are not willing to pay for excessive features and just want to have another channel of communication with your audience, this is your way. Interested? Feel free to write to us for extra details!

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