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Industry — Social betting
Location — Denmark
  • Bitting
  • Mobile app
  • Social
  • Node.JS
  • Ionic
More about Kiggit


Kiggit is a football betting company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Kiggit mobile app focuses on user experience and provides football fans with predictions, challenges, live scores, and chat functions.

The company was founded in 2013 by Jakob Hagemann (CEO) and Thomas Baastrup Jacobsen (CTO) with a vision to create a social gaming company targeting 400 million fans consuming football from mobile devices.  

Kiggit looks to bridge the gap between social gaming and betting, two booming industries, by letting friends challenge each other as a group rather than betting against a traditional betting operator.

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Our –°lient, Kiggit, has a constantly evolving project that required to be updated to modern technologies along with many new features:

  • Predictions 
    Predictions making on matches for your favorite leagues. Weekly, monthly and season-long competitions and challenges;
  • Live scores and statistics
    Live scores checking, lineups/formations and match statistics, and more;
  • Groups and group leaderboards
    Competitions with friends, colleagues, and club fans for the top ranks. A user can join others or create their groups;
  • Win prizes
    In featured groups and competitions users can win sponsors' prizes;
  • Newsfeed
    Latest football news timeline (including video, photos and articles);
  • Twitter lists
    Latest tweets from top football influencers;


We successfully implemented the following solutions:

  • Creating a stable dedicated team to reach the best results;
  • Increase the app quality and performance;
  • Refactor the project code with modern Node.js, ES6, async/await to simplify its maintenance and future development;
  • Test new functions to analyze the user needs;
  • Update and improve the functionality based on UX research results;
  • Usage of MySQL instead of Cassandra for all new features made the application more scalable Rewrite Android/iOS apps with Ionic;
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News and Groups

Kiggit 3
Kiggit 4

Predictions and challenge Results

Kiggit 6


UKAD team successfully implement all the chosen solutions, met the client's requirements, and released the iOS and Android application with new functionality.

Our fruitful partnership with the Kiggit continues for more than 2 years. And new updates and features are deployed in order to give football fans the ultimate gaming experience.

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