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UKAD was once again highlighted as a top performing company on one of Clutch’s annual reports. This time, Clutch listed UKAD among the best development firms in France — a huge honor for our team. We appreciate this recognition and look forward to seeing how it helps us grow as a company.

Although we have the ability to create a wide range of products, most of our projects are centered around web development. Our specialties include .NET and PHP, and our team has expertise in server, frontend, and database development. We also create mobile apps, desktop apps, and cloud-based solutions. This varied skillset is one of the many aspects of our firm that sets us apart from our competitors. 

The question you might be asking yourself now is: how does Clutch find companies like us? Answer: their team of business analysts compiles and evaluates troves of data to understand which firms consistently deliver for their clients. They incorporate market position, industry experience, and feedback from client reviews to make their rankings. As can be seen with Clutch’s recent rankings, we’ve already received a substantial amount of positive reviews!

Clutch also lists us highly on its sister sites — The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest has us featured as one of the top custom software developers in France. Similarly, Visual Objects, a data-focused visual resource, added us to its list of top French web developers. 

Being recognized on each of these platforms is a major milestone for our company. We’re extremely thankful for our amazing clients and for Clutch. Let’s see what the rest of 2019 will hold!

“For us, to receive such award means to be acknowledged as the firm that delivers for our partners and the whole industry. We are here not just to write a few rows of code, but to bring your ideas to life!” – Denis Maksymenko, CEO at UKAD

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