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UKAD is a Top Developer in 2019 Clutch Report

UKAD is a Top Developer in 2019 Clutch Report

We are thrilled to announce that we have been listed in Clutch’s 2019 Report among the top .NET developers on their platform.

UKAD team enjoy finding cost- and time- effective solutions for the challenges set by the Client’s business goals. We are headquartered in the UK, with an R&D and engineering team based in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Clutch is a ratings and reviews research firm for companies that provide marketing and digital services. They are based in Washington D.C. and conduct over the phone reviews for clients of the companies listed on their site. It’s one thing to have clients leave passive reviews, like Facebook and Google, however, Clutch goes a step deeper and covers the full scope of services.

The meticulous review process at Clutch was not crafted by accident and encourages clients to comment on important points such as workflow, team composition, and business style. The Clutch team then compresses the review into an easy to read fashion and creates a short summary to feature at the forefront on the company’s profile page. 

We are fortunate that our satisfied customers feel compelled to spend time to leave reviews on our profile. Thanks to our satisfied customers, we have close to 15 reviews on our profile with an impressive 4.8-star rating. When asked to comment on the business impact of a project that our team had recently completed, one of our recent clients commented:

“UKAD completed the project, but they still develop new features and functionalities. The team has added more value to our users, automating lengthy processes and giving them time to spend on other activities.” 

This type of feedback helps our team identify what our clients appreciate most about our work, or in other words, what practices we should continue in our daily processes; and what behaviour needs improvement. Our reviews have been positive so far; however, we are excited to see what our clients will share with us in the future and are eager to improve our methodologies.

Due to our top performance on Clutch, UKAD has also been featured on Clutch’s affiliate sites - The Manifest and Visual Objects.

The Manifest is a business news and how-to website that provides hard data, expert insights, and actionable advice to build your brand and grow your business. Our profile on The Manifest is unique because it gives a brief description of our services, highlights our notable projects, and lists a couple of our former clients. We are excited to share that The Manifest has listed us among the top web developers in France in their 2019 rankings report. As you can see above, UKAD has specifically been ranked the 3rd best web development company in France among all of the French companies listed on the platform!

In addition, Visual Objects has released their 2019 report in which we have been listed among their top software developers. Visual objects help prospective clients visualize the possibilities of a creative design or development project in order to have an accurate depiction of quality and style before making a hiring decision.

Our team would like to thank all of our former Clients who took the time to compose verified reviews for our page. These reviews not only drive our confidence and work ethic but also indicate what aspects of our services could use improvement. We use this feedback constructively to work towards our ideal and can promise that every day our company is taking a step into the future, and more specifically, a step into the right direction!

Daria Rolina

 Author: Daria Rolina


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