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UKAD Launches a Development Center in Malaga, Spain

UKAD Launches a Development Center in Malaga, Spain

We are glad to make the first great announcement of 2022! Despite the harsh situation, UKAD opens an RnD centre in Malaga, Spain. For us, it's an notable step in development that provides access to fresh talents and opportunities never seen before, as for our future and existing partners. Hope, this decision will drive UKAD's future achievements!

Why Malaga?

Having an office in the coastal city with over 300 hundred days of sunshine is a thing in itself. Thus, we expect our teammates will gladly build the core of the new delivery centre. But there are some additional reasons for such a selection!

During the last decades, this beautiful city became a powerful business cluster with lots of opportunities. First of all, it's access to the Spanish talent pool. UKAD always looks to provide the most comfortable collaboration, thus our partners may enjoy developers from the closer time zone or with European citizenship for some legal conditions. But we also enjoy the unlimited opportunities of being a part of the powerful and creative business community. We are looking forward to finding UKAD listed among members of various tech and business events in Malaga, and hope you do so!


But probably the most important reason to open an office in Malaga is a willingness to be nearer to our partners. Thus, we were looking for opportunities around Europe and decided to land in Malaga for two reasons.

At first, it's quite a popular resort location which means a good transport infrastructure. There is an international airport in Malaga with at least 1-2 flights to Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, and even more flights to the United Kingdom daily. It makes possible one-day business trips for most of all our customers, so UKAD will develop better processes and become even more comfortable in cooperation.

In addition, Malaga has a wide network of auto and railroads which makes it possible for a fast and easy commute around Spain. It may be useful for our overseas clients who fly through Madrid or Barcelona airports. Thus, UKAD is getting closer to American entrepreneurs!

What’s next

As was mentioned before, our primary goal in this adventure is to ensure UKAD's future growth. First of all, we want to keep our increasing of the team. Today, we face the necessity to hire some fresh brains, which is strictly limited by current events in Ukraine. Spain looks quite promising in this case with the remarkable developers' community and close-to-optimal conditions. Then, Malaga is a good place to bring a hint of diversity to the team. As we're totally happy with our teammates from Poland and Ukraine, so UKAD may be even stronger after becoming more international. And numerous expats, in addition to Spanish developers, fit nicely into this plan.

The next thing we're looking for is an increase of possibilities for the 'older' UKAD team members. With an office in Spain, we provide better access to European learning and skill-sharing events. As well, our teammates from Ukraine and Spain will have a great cultural exchange making our in-house and external communication better. And of course, here we have lots of opportunities to party and have fun! Finally, it's a place where the sun shines almost every day.

A few numbers about Malaga

As every geeky person, in UKAD we enjoy numbers, so here are some statistics that will explain your decision better for like-minded readers. For instance, there are curious facts about the business atmosphere in Malaga:

  • Andalusia Technological Park (PTA) near the city is home to 646 companies and 19,873 workers
  • 51,110 expats live here
  • people of 150 nationalities inhabit Malaga
  • Malaga takes the second prize as European Capital of Innovation 2021
  • 137 direct destinations in 37 countries available from the local airport

Hope, you're impressed! So, take a look at the room tour through our new office and book a flight. See you in Malaga!

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