Stand with Ukraine

Stand with Ukraine

The war started in the early morning of February 24th by Russia is not a war on Ukraine. It is a war against humanity. Russians brutally devastate Ukrainian cities, murder civilians trying to evacuate, shell hospitals and kindergartens. Since the beginning, over 14 hundreds civil Ukrainians, including over a hundred children, were brutally murdered only according to the available data. The real numbers are still unknown because russian military forces don't allow collecting and burying bodies.

Today, there is no grayscale: you stand with Ukraine and support all the human values, or you feel okay with the russian fascist regime and take part in the bloodshed.

Hereby, UKAD asks you to never play with your conscience and support the resistance in the next ways.

Keep working with Ukraine!

If you want to help, the best thing you can do is keep working with Ukrainian businesses. Around 92% of the Ukrainian IT industry is working, there are no reasons to relocate your projects to other countries.

Every single invoice paid to a Ukrainian developer is a valuable part of our economics in these harsh times. Today, it's even more important because we not only pay taxes and support the cash flow, but also donate to volunteers and military forces. Please, don't forget about it!

Stop working with Russia!

Every single penny paid to the russian business is turned into bullets and rockets targeted to Kharkiv, Mariupol, and Kherson. Russian companies can't provide either unique expertise or unique technologies to you, thus there is no real necessity to keep supporting russian nazi regime with your money.

Be a voice of truth

Some Westerners are borrowed deeply into russian propaganda, from brutal RT to its-not-that-simple blog posts around the Web. They tend to share fake news as well as provide the wrong optics for current events. But, you know, there is a genocide in Ukraine, thousands of civilians murdered, and the only truth is that Russia did it because of its imperialist ambitions. There are no other russians, good russians, Ukrainian neonazi battalions, and so on. Only the heroically resisting Ukrainian nation and brutal russian invaders.

As you want to help us resist, your very first duty is to provide the truth about the things happening in Ukraine. Don't miss a chance to repost an article by reliable authors or talk to the people around you about the russian war crimes and Ukrainian resistance. Together we will break through the curtain of fake news and propaganda!


War is always about money. So, donate if you can. Every dollar or euro will save the life of a Ukrainian fighter and bring the end of bloodshed closer. Otherwise, if you don't want to share with military forces, you have to support volunteers helping Ukrainian civilians to survive.

The following links are 100% reliable and safe, we also may update this list further.


  • A special fundraising account in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened by the National Bank. International partners and donors, Ukrainian business and citizens can transfer money. You can send money in US dollars, euros, British pounds and Ukrainian hryvnia. Details of the official special account: UA8430000100000047330992708.

  • Army SOS

The Army SOS Citizen’s Initiative manages purchases of necessary ammunition, protective gear, communication and reconnaissance equipment, uniforms and food supply.

  • Come Back Alive

Charity fund created in 2014. Main focus on financial and technical assistance to the Ukrainian army, active publicity and restraining the flow of propaganda and misinformation.


A special account for assistance to health care facilities was opened by the Ministry of Health together with the Red Cross Society. Citizens, enterprises and organizations of any country can transfer funds from the territory of Ukraine and from abroad. Financial assistance will be provided to support hospitals in rescuing the defenders of Ukraine.


  • Razom

A non-profit Ukrainian-American human rights organization established to support the people of Ukraine in their pursuit of a democratic society with dignity, justice, and human and civil rights for all.

  • Help Ukraine

A Volunteer Warehouse Center in Poland sending humanitarian and medical aid to Ukraine.

Stay tuned, stay strong! All tyrants shall fall and justice will prevail!

The UKAD team   Author: The UKAD team
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