The Software Development Center


Ukad Group provides outsourcing software development services for over 7 years. During this time, we have learned and experienced all the details, risks and benefits of outsourcing. The benefits of outsourcing software development to the countries with low costs of living are obvious - cost savings of 30-60%. Despite the fact that many companies offer services of outsourcing software development, the value of such services may be affected adversely if the quality of delivered products is poor. We understand that outsourcing software development can be efficient if two basic principles are followed: quality and cost efficiency of the software solutions.


If the cost efficiency is largely a consequence of historical circumstances, the quality depends on the company and it is crucial to choose the right one.


The high level quality services provided by a set of approaches, such as:


Effective communication:

  • we ask questions, if we think that point is unclear
  • our developers know English well, and communicate with clients directly


Professionalism and experience of developers:

  • our developers have up to 10 years of experience
  • all our specialists have a high level of training and qualification certificates confirmed by the leading universities of Ukraine


Quality control:

  • we show clients the results of our work on the early stages of development
  • testing the application is included in the software development process


Transparency and reliability of the software development process:

  • clear, simple and flexible process of creating a software product that allows the client to influence and adjust the project requirements
  • access to the development environment for controlling the process


For more information about how we ensure quality, can be found here.