The Software Development Center

Why us?


Our software development center is located in Kharkov, Ukraine. Geographical location is largely explains why it is convenient to work with us. With overseas partners, we are working on a mutually compatible schedule, with European partners - in one time zone.

This schedule provides a timely, fast and efficient solving of issues associated with the development project during the workday. This is especially useful in the event of urgent issues, not timely decision of which could lead to financial losses.

Also an important factor influencing the ease of working with us, is the overcome of the language barrier. It is worth noting that all our staff speaks English enough to communicate effectively and implement the software requirements.



Ukad-Group employs over 60 developers. All developers are high-level specialists. Cooperating with us, it will not be necessary for you to seek a new developer or development company for each job or project. The diversity of professional expertise and their qualifications is a huge knowledge base that allows us to implement a variety of projects with the best quality. Moreover, we provide up to 3-month warranty, during which you can apply to us for free support.

The company has a modern infrastructure and specialized quality control department. Working with us, you will be fully aware of progress in the development of the project, receive regular reports and demos.

We strictly adhere to the confidentiality agreement and not allow ourselves to use the protected customer information without a consent.



We offer competitive prices, comparable with the prices of individual developers, and 30-60% lower than the prices of similar companies in the U.S., Europe and other countries with high living costs.